April 12, 2005

Words fail to describe...

Boons that I desire...

A bed by the window
A full-moon day, everyday
Rain, as I wish for it
Flowers by the road corner
Dewdrops in the morning
Melody at night
An unassuming smile
A friendship with no lies
A hundred poems a day
Yet another Bharathi
A friendly shoulder to lean on
A loved one to caress my hair
Sleep on a mother's lap
Greeted by death, as I sleep

A heart that expects none of these...

I read this poem at S's Thinnai Arattai and was moved enough by it to attempt a translation that does little justice to the magic that the original Tamil poem apologies for killing a part of its essence.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful translation of a good poem.
Terrific work!


Sachin said...

Nice Work. Moving Poem Indeed.Came across ur blog from Rathish's page.Great blog.

Muthu said...

Neat translation. Like you said, the original is classy!

RS said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Translation Nalla irukku. Good job!

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