April 22, 2005

And if I had one song to pick...

I cant seem to make my hand stop writing! I am glad they do have a name for my syndrome, for those suffering similarly, refer to this article.

I have a song in my heart that I cannot disengage myself from, a song I heard about eight years back...I remember the girlish talks that night, suitably life-altering for an average sixteen-year old teenager, I was sitting with M, in my dorm room at Meera Bhawan, Bits…I remember listening with wide-eyed wonder as M explained each phrase of the Tamil song to me, the effect of which put-together was undeniably greater than its parts and I have been its slave since...

Lightning of my life, why did you appear?
I know not why my eyes hurt, do you?
Are you not the mirage that disappeared in my sky?

You stayed for a few precious moments and yet my palace lies simmering,
Oh lightning, my sky searches for you,
Myriad colors that dissolved when I dare to open my eyes,
I have but a memory of the sweet lifelines in your hands,
As my heart explodes into a million suffering bits, I see but your reflection in each little bit,

…a blazing inferno awaits you in my tears, I am but a delicate flower, blooming in the shadow of your tender feet…

Is there ever parched earth that fails to await the soothing caress of rain drops? Is there ever a divine force that awaits not loving festivities with welcoming arms? Is there ever a passionate poet who yearns not for his union with rhyming words? And as I wait, does my love not become eternal?

…a blazing inferno awaits you in my tears, I am but a delicate flower, blooming in the shadow of your tender feet…

and this is the melody that I carry with me till the end...


Prabhu said...

i am trying to decipher what song this is in tamizh...
and i am having a tough time at it :(
wat song is this?

but whatever it is, but it is too good!

Subha said...

Hey RS,
I already told you this but here it is for the junta: "Minnale, nee vandhu ponadhaen.." from May Maadham!!
Aatha, naan paas aitten....:)

SatheeshR said...

well.. quite a nice translation there rs :-)

Minnale nee vandadhEnadi !
en kannilE oru kaayam ennadi... !

Some songs we remember just for how mystic they are; some for the sheer beauty in tune and lyrics: some for the feel; and some others... for the company and times we had and the small events that are associated with it !

RS said...

...and for me, this song conveys all the things that you mentioned, Satheesh and thanks :)

subramoni said...

One of my all-time favorite songs for the sheer haunting tune and lyrics although I understood some of the lyrics only after this post. Thanks.

dinesh said...

I can see your touch and improvisation in this. I know it's extremely hard to translate a beautiful song like such, and do justice to the beauty of it. Beautiful song and Good work !

RS said...

Prabhu, just a comment to acknowledge that I wrote this after I read your post today - Ragasiyamai.

Anonymous said...

i dint know the exact lyrics of the original tamil song; but can tell u that the translated meaning itself(from the original song) is so adoring; think the girl sh'ld be well versed in English as well as in love:). Congrats for the great work!!!!

Anonymous said...


This is my most favorite song !!

Very glad !

The other songs I like the most are -

Kandukondain Kandukondain frm KK and
Thoda thoda frm Indra !

These melodies really put you out of the world !

BTW, a very good translation ..


RS said...

Subramoni, Dinesh, Anon & Vasu, thanks :)

dumbs said...

this is one of my favs too....but here is a u know know that the start of the song is not violin but keyboard?

i wouldn't believe it till my friend played it out for me.

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