April 28, 2005

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To the charming verses that speak to me,
To the reassuring words that look for the silver lining in my dark
cloud of thoughts,
To the obliging eyes that find sense in my trivialities,
To the gifted hands that respond to my clumsy scribbles,
To the flawless writer that makes me smile,
the writer in me is grateful...


Prabhu said...

sabaash, sariyaana potti!

a no nymous said...

Pitter patter banter, puddles on a page,
Scoop em up, drain em down, upto you I say.

Thanks for scooping em up :)
I'm touched that you took the time to write that up.
On a lighter note:

Give and take, take and give,
I will stop, if you will?


Anonymous said...

hey, poetry jugalbandi!! Cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

"The Struggle for Existence"

Luv to watch,

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