April 24, 2005

Playing around with similes...

Similes are often considered, unfairly, to be in a poor man's repertoire of figures of speech, just trying to get more intimate with them and see what they have to offer!

Words are like little strings of jasmine flowers, they look beautiful when tastefully woven together; but an innocent heart, like the delicate maiden that the jasmine adorns, creates the right canvas for the words to complete the painting.

Words are like children, sometimes they are so adorable, you cannot take your eyes off them and at other times they have to be separated from each other because they seem to create a most grating and discordant noise and there are a few still, impish even when left by themselves.

Words are like snowflakes, each having its unique pattern and each having different associations in different minds, for some, it is romantic, for some, wretched, it all depends on how you see it fall, from the window.

Words are like seedlings, when sown the right way, they both look beautiful when they see the light of the day.

Words are like babbling brooks; alliterations, hyperboles, oxymorons, similies…while they may all pleasantly murmer to us, sometimes, they fail to leave anything behind.

Words are like daggers through the heart, words are like soothing balm on enraged emotions, words are like puppets in a puppeteer’s hands, words are like conflicting emotions - love and hate, animosity and appeasement, curiosity and disinterest, words are like magic to me and words are all I have…


Me said...

came thru subha's blog

too much playing with words. neenga enna inglis teacher aa ;)

i read similes... as smiles ennada titlekum post kum sambandhamey illa nu pathan and then went and read the title again makes sense :)

Anonymous said...

I think silence is stronger than words. Infact strongest. Words like everthing else are born from silence.

RTD2 said...

So this is what they meant by 'poetic imagination'!!

Snake in Fall said...

Nice blog, here are mine:

Have a nice day!

RS said...

To me: Inglis teachera irukka aasai thaan...

To anon: me and you in complete agreement here

To rtd2: :)

To snake in fall: thanks.

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