October 31, 2006


Yeah, yeah, cheesy, I know but was fun when people had that "aha" moment when they figured out our halloween costumes :)

So, have you figured out what our costume stands for (and no prizes for the right answer)? :)

October 19, 2006

Jus' your regular dusting and mopping!

Gosh, I never realized how much useless trivia, random bits of information, absolutely trivial bits of conversations and memories I have stored in my head over time. So, now, am going to publish them here (what's the equivalent of "putting on paper" anyway? Am gonna go with "publish" for lack of a better sense of imagination and vocabulary :)

So anyway, here goes my list:

1. If you place frozen carrots on wet hand tissues, they will stick to them and the only way to separate the couple is to wash them!

2. One of my friends told me long back about how she fell asleep on her boy friend's arms and I remember thinking, "Wow! I thought that only happened in movies..."

3. The first time I watched DDLJ in the theatre, I didn't quite catch most of the dialogues because I cried throughout the movie. So, I went to see it again in the theatre. And then one more time to make sure I had all the dialogues memorized :) I was in 11th standard, I think...

4. 11th standard seems to have left a strong impression in my head...I remember feeling bad when one of my friends started crying during a Computer Science assignment and she said, "I know you think I am not as good as v~ or s~, if you don't want to do this assignment with me, it's ok, I'll understand..." I vaguely remember that we did finish the assignment together and managed a grade as good as v~ and s~ :)

5. The first time I flew to Atlanta from Madras, I did have trouble with my seat safety belt buckle. And then five years later, I heard a joke that was along the lines of, "Why do we need to listen to the same old safety instructions? Slide your seat belt into the buckle...even a two year old knows that!" and I remember finiding it funny but not so funny.

6. I remember my first ever potluck contribution - a strikingly yellow peas pulav, it had peas, turmeric, cooked rice and salt...and that was about it :)

7. I still remember my crushes in college and I still remember how I felt, I can't feel that way again but I know how I had felt then, isn't that weird?

8. Kids play favorites without guilt. I remember my neighbour's kid, Abhay, he was really smart about judging people, he could differentiate between those who spent quality time with him and those who got tired after, "Oooh, Abhay's so cute! Now run along and play with your friends, sonny!" The first one got a cuddly hug and the next one got a clear i-dont-like-you look. I wish I could do that too sometimes without having to offer an adult-ish explanation for my weirdness...

There, now that I have it on paper...err published, am going to try to clear these notes in my head and make space for more :)

Also, Happy Deepavali folks :)

October 18, 2006

For Aditya.

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Verification: The Cancer Patients Aid Association Case File for Aditya.

My brother sent me this email. No, it's not spam, Aditya's parents are friends of friends of his...

From the email: "Aditya Kumar, 4 year old son of Kumar S, is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of Blood Cancer. The only hope to give new life to Aditya is, Bone Marrow Transplant, from an unrelated donor. This treatment, unfortunately, is not available in India. And the cost of this treatment outside of India is approximately 70 Lacs to Rs 1 crore ( USD 150K to 250K) . Kumar is able to source Rs. 35 Lacs, through various personal sources."

What you can do to help?

From the email: "Donations to CPAA are tax exempt under section 80G (50% exemption). You will be sent a certificate of exemption along with receipt and letter of acknowledgement.

Apart from steps below, please also drop a mail to and so that we can track and acknowledge. This is important for us."

Ways to donate:

A. Through Internet


2. Click on picture of the credit card seen in the left pane.

3. It will take you to a , where a Donation Form is available.

Please ensure that in the field, Specific Projects / Causes (if any) ? you mention "For Patient Aditya Kumar"

4. Make the payment through your Credit Card.

B. Through Cheque

* Send a cheque or demand draft in the name of "CANCER PATIENTS AID ASSOCIATION" to the address below.
* ( Please write "For Patient Aditya Kumar" on the back of the cheque)

Shubha Maudgal, Cancer Patients Aid Association,
Anand Niketan,
King George V Memorial Infirmary,
Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi,
Mumbai-400011, INDIA
Phone: 0091-22-24924000/0091-22-24928775
Fax: 0091-22-24973599

The above instruction is applicable for donations from any Country including U.S.

C. For Residents of US & US Citizens who wish to take Tax Deduction

Residents of USA and US citizens who would like to take a tax deduction in USA can mail their contributions by checks, wire transfers, bank drafts, etc., payable to
Cancer Patients Aid Association Inc., Fed ID # 34-2007461 at the address mentioned below:

Cancer Patients Aid Association, Inc.,
c/o Lachman & Lachman,
Certified Public Accountants,
444 Madison Avenue ,
28th Floor, New York , NY 10022.
Contact Person: Neil Lachman,
Phone (212) 371 8319,
Fax (212) 371 0707.

DO NOT write patient's name at the back of the check in this case. After mailing the check, please send the check details to and .

Please forward to your friends and family and let's help the little boy in any way we can.

But, what really broke my heart was this pray for the little one and his parents.
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