November 25, 2007

Bharathidasan's poem...

கூடத்திலே மனப்பாடத்திலே - விழி
கூடி கிடந்திடும் ஆணழகை,
ஓடை குளிர் மலர் பார்வயினல் - அவள்
உண்தலைப்படும் நேரத்திலே,
பாடம் படித்து நிமிர்ந்தவனின் விழி - தனில்
பட்டுத் தெறித்தது மானின் விழி,
ஆடை திருத்தி நின்றாள் அவள்தன் - இவன்
ஆயிரம் ஏடுகள் புரட்டுகின்றான!

He sits in the court-yard
down-cast eyes engrossed in study;

She arrives, a flower in a cool stream,
casting her gaze upon the handsome vision,
overwhelmed by a desire to imbibe the moment;
Rising from his notes,
his glance falls upon doe-like eyes;

Startled, her bashful hands guard her slipping veil,
as a thousand pages flutter past!

Having a resident Tamil expert enables me to go crazy with my translations! My mom remembered the last four lines and the first line of this poem by Bharathidasan. She said her Tamil Professor's words still echo in her head :) And to make up for my lack of originality (w.r.t writing poems), I attempt to translate what I admire in the original...

Some of the allusions and charm in the original Tamil poem have been altered because of the translation. Apologies for the same.

Note: The Tamil font here is best viewed in Internet Explorer. Personally prefer Firefox but not sure how to get Quillpad and FF to join hands!


Subha said...

can't seem to read the tamil font. it appears all garbled..

RS said...

Subha, try IE, somehow can't get Firefox to display what I get from quillpad correctly...

SK said...

Hey Your Mom's blog is a treat to read. :--) Please pass it on. Now I know where you get it from ;--)

bird's eye view said...

wouldja please write the tamil phnetically in English? I can't read Tamil though i can speak it.

RS said...

Sure, this is from the link to the discussion forum that I have given in my post:

koodathilE manappAdathilE - vizhi
koodi kidanthidum Aanazhagai,
oDai kuLir malarppArvaiyinal - avaL
uNNaththalaippadum nerathile,
pAdam padithu nimirnthavizhi-thanil
pattutherithadhu mAnin vizhi!
Adai thiruththi ninDrAl avaLthan-ivan Aayiram edu thiruppugindran!

RS said...

sk - mom was thrilled to read your comment :)

BUS said...

IE rocks :-) ...

RS said...

bus - Epadi?! What magic does MSFT do to make you guys like this?!!!

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