June 09, 2011


I like to celebrate occassions with cakes and I like checking out bakeries in Lex to figure out which one would work for what I have in mind :) So far, I have tried Brown's bakery, Maggie's bakery, Spalding's bakery, Graeter's and this time I am going to try Mondelli's bakery for k's birthday cake.

Finally managed to organize my highly disorganized photos on my laptop (which will be going away soon, since I quit. Can't stop grinning when I say that :) k helped me do it after I spent half an hour looking for the Avvaiyar paati photo (below)! Anyway, here is a trip down cake-memorylane:

k got this for me from Caramanda's
My favorite cake from Spalding's bakery for r's 2nd birthday (Avvaiyar paati)!
From Graeter's -- icecream cake
Mackenzie's bakery Chennai -- also for r's 2nd birthday!
Old Taj Mahal hotel -- you guessed it -- also for r's 2nd birthday
Home made by me for k's birthday!
Another special cake for r's first birthday!

June 07, 2011

I quit.

Been thinking about this for a long time and finally decided to go for it. Told my manager yesterday and sent a formal resignation note today. So, it's bye bye IBM for me. I am thinking of taking a break from work till August so I have a fresh start after my arangetram.

Let's see what I can do with the extra time in my hands :) Ideas?
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