April 11, 2005


The storm has passed and the calm did come, but little did I realize that the storm took with it a part of me. Today, I am confused about the shadow of a line that separates attachment from dispassionateness...and to think, I assumed to bond, to be attached was always to feel something nice, definitely not to be confused with dependency or inability - to be attached to someone or something, was for me, until today, a positive trait, beneficial in all respects. And today, I see a different side to the same trait...while the trait itself may still claim its merits, I think I understand today why every major path to realizing the "true self" talks about disassociations, detachments, it just a shield to protect us from ourselves?

I have often argued against the concept of sacrifice in religion or anything else as a way to comprehend goodness and God maybe? But today, I seem to find a tad of reasonableness behind this concept, maybe its not about goodness or God, maybe its about Him making sure we are not lost when the very thing that we are attached to, is taken away from us. I understand that when attachment bleeds into possessiveness, its time we stopped in our tracks and let go...I understand the concept of letting go not only of people but also memories, of the negativity that oversentimentality is often associated with, but when do we stop this list from burgeoning so much so that we start reanalyzing some relationships, that are so important to us, that they should not be ended? How do I know if I have put a fullstop to a sentence that should have ended long back or that I have actually pruned it prematurely and thus left a beautiful poem incomplete?


dinesh said...

Good points and Good questions ! Separating attachment from dispassionateness and maintaining a balance enabling us to enjoy the best of both worlds ? Unfortunately, the lines of demarcation ar so thin, that we don't know when we'd be on the wrong side of it, or if we already are on the wrong side of it, or if the wrong side is so far away, that it would be to stupid to stop right here. Often the answers to these questions lie in following one's instincts. The only thing we can do is to try to build an emergency sensing system within ourselves, that keeps telling us when the tsunami's approaching, or if it's not. But who's to tell if our sensing system is good or faulty ? :)

RS said...

...and stripped of my identity, I stand exposed, ready to drown in the huge wave that threatens to thrust me to the bottomless ebb of the ocean...a little voice within me pleads in vain, to console me, to make me see the sunlight filtering down towards me...I cannot see the sunlight, for I have my eyes closed; my heart will not let me open them.

dinesh said...

Your heart will not let you open them now. But time will open them for you ! And time will save many other things that beg for improvement by taking you to them.

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