April 20, 2005

Final Flight of Fancy.

I cant seem to quell the urge to take fanciful flights every so often, flights steered by my thoughts, thoughts throttling on moments, moments made eternal by those close to my heart.
Did you notice…

  • The beauty that lies in the glow of a young mother-to-be?

  • The softness hidden in the callused hands that caress a child’s tresses lovingly?

  • The sweet saltiness that you can taste in a beloved one’s tears?

  • The comforting wetness of sweat that sticks to you when you hug your mother?

  • The hint of pride in your mentor’s eyes when you grin from the stage, basking in the glory of your accomplishment?

  • That his heart skipped a beat when you said his name?

  • That your sibling clapped for you fervently, several seconds longer than anybody else did?

  • That he was looking at you from the window, long after you had gone?

  • That he beams, when you get a compliment?

  • That his eyes wandered for a few frantic seconds before settling contentedly on you?

  • That your ship was sinking until you found the anchor in his heart?

  • That you struggle not to drown in the deceptively calm ocean of emotions that his eyes exude?

  • That the grip of your child’s palm around your finger is the one most emotionally gratifying sensation in the world?

...that its moments like these that lend life its wonderous mysticism?
L, I promise, this is the last oh-so-sugary serving from me!


Prabhu said...

I was never of the opinion that u were so lovey-dovey...guess i need to change my stance on that.

"The beauty that lies in the glow of a young mother-to-be" - (read in vivek's tone) "last weekend un kannula antha oli therinjappove naan doubt aanen yaa..."

aathaadi! chumma sonnen mannichukko!!

RS said...

Hmm...lovey-dovey? I will let you be the judge of that.

I think I need to make it clear that am talking in a romantic as well as non-romantic context! Most of the hes in my blog are friends more than anyone else!

Also, Manithuvitten :)

SatheeshR said...

Did you notice…

The comforting wetness of sweat that sticks to you when you hug your mother?

Touching Ramya !

How can one not notice ! As enacted in Munnabhai MBBS (Jaadhu-kaa-jabbi), such small acts of love and comfortin go a long way and bring a sense of satiety to life.

I dont mind takin some sugaries once in a while ;-)

PS: whatsup with that pic ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

good progress...from comma-separated senti to bulleted points :)
- L

RTD2 said...

Hi Ramya, thanks for stopping by my blog..thought I'd return the compliment. Nice post..especially parts of it like "That his eyes wandered for a few frantic seconds before settling contentedly on you?"

RS said...

Satheesh, thanks for tolerating my senti posts! Re: the pic, just thought the other pic did not reflect the mood of my posts!

RS said...

RTD2, I found your blog from Dinesh's blog, you have an impressive writing style and thanks :)

dinesh said...

Good ones Ramya,

I've noticed almost all those ! Are all the people you are talking about real people ?

dinesh said...


I just read your response to ramya's post on posessiveness and writing.

"Aren't all friends readers and writers in some sense"

Nice !

Anonymous said...

जिसे समझा हमने झिलमिल झरना,
क्या पता था उनमे समन्दर की गहराईयां होंगी ।

RS said...

d, the distinction is kind of blurred, as in most of my posts. Some of the lines refer to different things I noticed about people, but sometimes put together.
Hope that confused you sufficiently!

...and to anonymous, the verses pretty much made my day!

Anonymous said...

... and you calling them "verses" made mine. :-)

While I realize that it's not my place to do so, may I suggest that you not let this be your last "oh-so-sugary" post? Intellectual introspection has its place in our lives, but unblemished emotion makes us more us than learned intellect. So, dont sweep tenderness under the carpet... God knows the world needs more of it.

dinesh said...

Good title ! And the story was funny too.

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