April 07, 2005

Extra-ordinary in the Ordinary.

I had decided long back that life would go on much more smoothly if we learnt to not expect much out of people and if we learnt to see the good in them. Since, I have not done anything substantial to implement this decision, I decided to take some time out and pen down a few thoughts, observations if you will, about a few special people that I know, hoping that the act of me putting down in words, the small actions that make these ordinary people in my life, extra-ordinary, would help me notice the goodness in people, more often.

I admire him for his patience and his thoughtfulness. I admire him because he is a rock solid support for his friends and he is there for them, if nothing, just to listen to their ramblings.

If we are a bit more flexible, a bit more accomodative, half the battles that we have fought in life, would not have been fought. I admire him for his ability to adapt to people who think differently and act differently from him and his ability to enjoy the process of mingling with such people and to observe and absorb their positive traits.

I see goodness in him because he smiles unpretentiously when he talks to someone on the phone, not because he has to, not because he is expected to, but in anticipation that the other person has something to say that will make him smile.

I see goodness in a person when he paints a beautiful picture with his words. I admire him for his ability to put his pen to paper and create something so powerful, that it has the ability to make the reader forget his existence and for a few moments feel what the character in the story feels - to cry, laugh and pray with him.

In him, I see enthusiasm and love for his work. Sometimes, when I have given up on my profession, I look at him and know that I want to feel the same thing that he feels. I want to love my job and thanks to him, I end up loving it.

I cant help but be moved by what he has done for people, just for the sake of helping a fellow human being. I can only hope there is enough good in me to do half the good for people, that he is doing in his lifetime.

I see goodness reflected in her trust in people, in her faith in the Divine and in her unqualified love.

and finally

last but not the least ;), I see goodness within myself manifest itself as hard work towards causes that I am passionate about. I see goodness in my sleepless nights and tension bouts, doing things that I do only because I am passionate about them and I care...

Goodness is the only value that seems in this world of appearances to have any claim to be an end in itself. - W. Somerset Maugham


Dinesh said...

I agree Ramya. It feels so good to be able to see the positives in people. It makes life so uncomplicated. I am trying to get better at this. But I have to admit, there's a long way to go. That's the reason, why I sometimes envy people like Prabhu, Vijay and Priya. They are able to enjoy the good qualities in people so much easier than I can. When they are able to do that, you can feel a good vibe in the air. Maybe I'll get there one day.

RS said...

Just to avoid confusion, I am talking about different people I know, in this post!

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