April 15, 2005

Mental exercise!

Its almost like the more I write, the more I think of things to write about and what I create with my pen is my own and that is a wonderful feeling, one that I would never tire of...thats just an aside, coming to the point of this piece of writing - I would describe it as a mental exercise that focuses on two important faculties - introspection and observation. I think it would have the startling effect of making us realize how different we are from what people perceive us to be. The exercise is as follows:

  • Think of five adjectives that would describe you. Feel free to lean towards verbosity if you want or make it terse, use metaphors, similies, feel free to experiment...the point is - capture your essence, yourself in these five words.

  • Now, think of five words that other people would use to describe you. At any point in your life, has anyone characterized you with a single, strong behavioral trait? Did subtle hints slip out unknowingly that revealed to you what this person thought of you? Does it happen all the time? Think of five such defining words.

...and finally notice the difference! Sometimes, the two sets are so distinct from each other, its almost laughable. I wonder what to infer from this exercise, if the two sets are similar, does it mean you are an open book, for everyone to read? And if not, are you a person afraid of opening up or just conveying the wrong impression all the time? Pennies for thought...

I perceive myself as: passionate, romantic, sensitive, diffident, incongruously silly and serious, spiritual, dedicated and tend to be swayed strongly by emotions.

My feeble observations suggest that I am perceived as: a straight talking person to the point of being rude, controlling, slightly haughty, hard working, practical and a person with an imaginary barrier that people are scared to cross, to get close to me.

...and if you have your twin sets of contradictions to add to my list, be my guest!

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Anonymous said...

I perceive myself as: Confident, Visonary, Lazy - works when inspired or close to deadlines, Optimist, Usually satisfied with life, Money Minded.

I am perceived as: Happy Go Lucky, Cool, a Geek, Sometimes Lazy, Money Minded, Trusted, Annoying @ times.

Anonymous1 :)

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