April 08, 2005

What captures a girl’s fancy?

I do ramble on about girls and women and feelings and such feminine stuff, don’t I? Anyway, for those who still want to indulge me and my idiosyncratic posts, here goes…

For the sake of convenience only, let me (over)use the personal pronoun:

  • Sincere compliments, not the unctuous kind delivered in the most obvious manner, I mean rare and thoughtful, maybe even inconspicuous compliments, those that greet me at a moment, so unexpected, that it throws me off-guard.

  • A minute yet thoughtful gesture in the middle of chaos – an imperceptible nod, a light tap on my head, a small voice asking if I am alright, a concerned look thrown askance on me, for a moment and in the midst of a noisy, fun-filled gathering, the kind that energizes event the most introverted person to sing and dance boisterously – a hint given to me then, that someone is looking out for me….like a caressing breeze that touches your sun-burned cheek, like pleasing rain drops that kiss you unexpectedly on a sultry, summer morning

  • Silly little gifts, offered in an immature but sincere manner – I am not talking about a bouquet of roses, carefully wrapped in silk ribbons and an expensive tag with my name on it, I am talking about mundane, almost boring gifts that are given to me in the most unappealing way, but yet offered so spontaneously and totally unaware of the way it is being presented…now, that gift I cannot refuse!

  • Long walks and lengthy talks, blame me for being an incurable romantic, but I think two people can walk their way into a healthy relationship. A quick clarification here being that my reference here is not to the kind of corny, maudlin proclamations that boys tend to make to girls, its about quick-witted, not necessarily intellectual but intelligent conversations, the kind where each is careful not to overstep the boundaries into each other’s private lives, but still share enough to develop a healthy respect and gain an insight into the other’s psyche.

  • What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet – William Shakespeare
    While this may hold true for certain other situations, not so for me. I like to hear the sound of my name, I am not trying to sound vain here, but I do enjoy hearing people call me by my name, my name is music to my ears – its what I claim to be my own and it’s a part of my identity.

  • A writer, an artist, a musician, a geek - they all make me look up to them, its not because they have achieved a feat that others have failed to achieve and its not their mastery over their specific work or instrument or painting that I admire, its more their passion for what they do; I think the best in a person is brought out when they are doing what they enjoy the most and that captures my fancy!

  • When the eyes do the talking, there is little left to be said...when his eyes meet mine, a second will suffice to exchange something more powerful than words can even dream of conveying. One glance and he has said all that there is to say.

  • ...and finally, when I see a grown up man standing in a suit at the supermarket, making funny faces to stop the toddler in front of him from crying, when he stands clumsily holding a tray of steaming hot tomato soup when I wake up with red eyes and a stuffy nose...a jacket gently wrapped around me on a wintery day, an old woman smiling gratefully, because he said something that made her smile, something she hasn't done in a long time, when he walks in and a smile alights everyone's face...thats when there is magic in the air and I sense it and stand in awe...


Fierydog said...

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MRSX said...

Well said my friend

Muthukumar Puranam said...

Thogh i accept whatever u said, I have seen girls or boys fall in love with a person who never did anything like this to them. Sometimes such loves ends as lame one sided or very strong bondage.
Also your narration makes me feel a girl is self centered, may be I am wrong. Anyways, in nutshell you bloster my thinking that a girl likes his man to be super special and at the same time listen to her words always. I reality these two qualities hardly go together..isnt it?
Chinna payan solrannu freea vidnga..dont research my words..plz

Freeyavedu said...

Ramya... Will certainly take lot of hints from that.

Pirkalathula udavum

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