April 21, 2005

The little girl and the big mansion.

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A little girl lived in a charming, little house complete with a chimney peeping from within dreamy ringlets of smoke. She smiled at the happy sun, skipped through the garden and shooed the birds that rested on her red-gold daffodils. She spent every evening leaning on the little gate that led to her little house, smiling at everyone, happy in her little world.

And one day, standing by her gate, she let her gaze wander over to the green hills that her little house overlooked. Standing on top of the first hill stood a magnificent white mansion. She could not take her eyes off the great big mansion. She stood by her gate till dusk, staring in awe at the mansion.

The next day, she rushed out to the gate to get a better look at the mansion and then felt a sudden pang. She looked around to see her little house and realized it was little indeed. She longed to be in the mansion, discovering new rooms everyday, living like a princess in a royal fortress. The more she looked at the mansion, the more she wanted to be the princess and the less she liked her little house.

One day, she resolutely set out to the big mansion. She longed to claim it her own. As dusk fell, her tired feet finally neared her destination, her destiny. She sat down, so weary that she did not look up to see the big mansion. In a few moments, she looked up to cast her eyes on the object of her desire and in front of her stood her little house from the bottom of the hill. She rubbed her eyes and wondered if they were playing tricks on her.

She looked down towards the bottom of the hill and there stood her destiny, her magnificent white mansion.

Sometimes I fear I am this little girl and my life is the trip up the hill…

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