June 23, 2005

The NBA playoffs!

Hah! If you think I am going to write about basketball here, guess again! This post like similar ones in the past - here and here (I should stop repeating myself and start thinking some blog-worthy thoughts! Also, please don't feel compelled to read all those posts, unless you want to because it's Friday and anything is more interesting than staring at code on the computer screen :) Also, answers to the treasure hunt clues here! I like the highlighting-funda! I should stop interrupting the topic with non sequiturs like this, so, I will end my parenthesis here - do you know the British call parentheses, brackets? ), inspired by the NBA playoffs and a certain strange variety of human beings (otherwise called men) that women should never attempt to understand in the following contexts - games, food, games and did I mention games?

"What's for dinner?"

"Whatever you cook!"

The charming grin fools me not. I look blankly at him

"How about pasta? You cook awesome pasta!"

Huh, is that all you can muster buddy? Am not falling for that trap. But then, am hungry too and pasta sounds good. Plus, he is being cute and giving me a lot of attention :)

"OK, pasta I guess."

"Yay! Pasta it is!"

My, my, a whoop of joy? Nice to be appreciated for a change.

I cut tomatoes into little pieces,
I cut green chillies and garlic,
I cut lemons into little cubes,
and I realize something is annoying me. TV, of course, loud commentaries, especially for basketball games always annoy me. More annoying than that are the advertisements where the salesmen manage to shout louder than the commentators.

"Can you help me umm...keep rice too?"

Anything to get you unglued from the TV.

"Yes, yes."

That was easy. I start boiling water for the pasta and turn back to see him sitting in the same position in front of the TV, a few inches short of sitting inside it.

"You said you would keep rice."

"Yes, yes."

"I am not cooking pasta"

The Toyota salesman screams, "Buy now, buy now...", just in time and I am the center of his attention again.

"What did you say? Pasta smells great..."

"I haven't started cooking it yet."

"Ha ha, of course, I was kidding, I meant it will smell great in a few minutes..."

"Of course."

"Can I help you cook there?"

The NBA play off is back on. I decide to fight now.

"I asked if you would keep rice..."

"Yes, yes."

"I am fainting and will fall dead in two minutes..."

"Yes, yes.



Prabu Karthik said...

something nice to read on a friday..

pasta? adhukku help? during basketball match? set realistic targets for K:-))

yedho idiyappam, kozhukattai, aapam, paniyaram with all those side dishes na ok
(i can sense some NRI stomachs boiling now)

there were times when i used to get outta bed at 2.30 AM to watch cricket in new zealand. and did i say i would not go to the toilet in the middle of the overs.priorities.priorities..

but like all priorities that too changed. ippo ellam parkaradhe illai. Dont look at me like that.
i say nothing but the truth...

And just in cse u did not know, Aussies defeat England in the natwest trophy:-)

Subha said...

Those NRI boiling stomachs include mine!
ROFL! I can imagine K doing exactly what you just described...:))

IBH said...

:) what more can i say ! it is just that mine is a bit different fight with movies :)

he breathes , eats, smells ony movies..movies on all sides :)

kamal said...

ellam poi ! :) RS forgot to add that this converstation has been exaggerated for effect. :)

In my defense:
NBA Final Playoffs first game 7 in 11 years, Pistons vs Spurs what do you expect ? :)

ahem.... pasta was just amazing last nite :) (you know where this is coming from right?)

dinesh said...


You know who's side I am going to take on this one. sorry :)

K, good choice...Pistons/spurs Vs cooking for RS - easy choice !

Pasta and amazing ? Pasta = worst ! :).

Why did you cook rice ? Pasta oda pesainju saapidaradhukka ? :)

subramoni said...

RS, Very good one. I can imagine the plight of a woman whose man is besotted with sports, movies etc. In K's defense,as he mentioned, it is the first game 7 of NBA finals in more than decade. Who would wanna miss that? :-)

kamal said...

All support is welcome :)

I had to cook rice, because you "told" me to cool rice :)

btw, Do I hear something about missing the first half of the game because of some movie ... do I hear that?

dinesh said...

Some observations and thoughts:

Girls with a clear lack of creativity and in denial about their lack of creativity cook pasta :)

Guys who love sports should never marry girls that cook pasta :)

Guys who love sports should consider stop being friends with girls that cook pasta ! ;)

Prabu Karthik said...


i am with you but for heavens sake act as if u lost, u understood, you wud be better in future, that games are stupid things patronized by lesser men and all that.

i dont know you much but this i'm saying from the bottom of my heart with all the best wishes :-))

RS said...

To Dinesh: You are going to take a really loooooong time to find a girl, man :)

And I hope to God, she cooks pasta three times a weak :))

dinesh said...


Thanks for your wishes !! As things are right now, it's not being easy finding a girl. Now with all your wishes, imagine how hard it's going to be.

That being said, I'll look hard to find a girl that does not cook pasta and lets her man watch as much sports as he wants ! :)

RS said...

To P~K: idiyappam, kozhukattai, aapam, paniyaram ? Idellam panna terinja naan yen inga kuppa kotaren...sigh :)

To Subha: One person who didn't join the ranks of the opposition team, thanks! You are my buddy :)

To IBH: Same theme, different stories :)

To k & dinesh: Idellam too much!

To Subu: support pandra madiri arambichu apadi kouthutta, po :)

RS said...

Dinesh: I'll look hard to find a girl that does not cook pasta and lets her man watch as much sports as he wants ! :)

If wishes were horses.... :))

Anonymous said...

I'm with K on this one...have mercy...NBA finals and the deciding game, which basketball fan would want to miss that??? Still, K was saying 'yes, yes' all the time...(involuntarily though :), do u remember saying yes, dude?)

Girls with a clear lack of creativity and in denial about their lack of creativity cook pasta :)

Dins, I completely disagree with this statement...(being a devout Pasta, Spaghetti and Maggi mouth's watering already...:)). Best solution is to prepare Pasta before the match begins and have it while watching the game...hehehe.


RS said...

To KP: and here I was thinking you were going to disagree to this part of the statement: Girls with a clear lack of creativity instead of this part: and in denial about their lack of creativity cook pasta :)

Oh, well :)

Subha said...

To all guys who dream of getting girls who let them watch games in ignorance of their own (girls')presence (even if temporary), I have just two words to say: DREAM ON..:)

RS said...

To Dinesh: Also, the rice was in case my pasta was even a tad less tasty than it normally is - which is exquisitely, lip-smackingly, almost sinfully tasty! You shall never ever get to taste it now :)

To k: btw, Do I hear something about missing the first half of the game because of some movie ... do I hear that?

5.6 seconds of watching Kana Kandein while lamenting about how much of the game you missed does not count!

Shiva said...

Awesome RS !!! I can only imagine how my mom/friends feel when I do this :) But we boys will be boys and the games will keep us glued to the idiot box or the internet, even if Rome burns... (btw, I blogrolled you)

sb said...

good one again.
I was reminded of Pammal K Sambandam, reading the comments you and Dinesh were sharing.
Incidentally Dinesh oda perum "Dinesh uvak Sundaram".

RS said...

To shiva: thanks :)

To sb: thanks!

finalla dinesha pidichu i asked what that means..I have not seen the I know :)

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