June 18, 2005

5 AM, 4 thieves, 3 cakes, 2 games and 1 helluva night!

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5 AM - The final foosball game ended accompanied by whoops of joy from one team (k~ & kp~) contrasting with several resounding but defeated thumps and pained expressions from the opposing team (s~ and r~). To be fair, the last game was tied till the last point and was touch and go till the last second!

I know one thing for sure, I picked the right, wait a minute, I have this presentimental unease that I am going to have to play second fiddle to a football game for many many years, starting now!

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4 thieves - Balderdash, a board game that's all about goofing around with weird-sounding names, abbreviations and laws, and trying to impose what we misconstrue to be creativity to mask our own ignorance! The game by its very nature is hilarious, add v~ to the equation and you have just signed up for laughter-galore! Again, to be fair, Jose Ramon Del Cuet does(do) sound like the name(s) of 4 thieves...No, I swear I am not laughing when I say this! Not sure which was funnier - the interpretation of the name(s) or v~'s reaction when he realized everyone else had figured out that it was the name of one person! Even the creators of this game would not have imagined that people would guess Jose~ to be, A spanish conquerer who cannot spell his own name!

Delightful Deja vu - Georgetown Kite Festival and Loaded Questions!

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3 cakes & 2 games - 2 birthday cakes and 1 wedding cake spread over Thursday night and Friday night; the highlight of the Thursday party was the treasure hunt and yesterday...well, yesterday was a smorgasbord of a successfully implemented surprise-party, dumb charades in a pseudo-camp setting, foosball & balderdash, thoughtful gifts & lovely cards, idlis & vadas, pots of ahem...expertly brewed gourmet coffee, a whole bunch of sillies and funnies in a rose-tinted decor :)

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9.30 PM - 5 AM? - you bet your bustle, it was 1 helluva night!

And now...I just have a little bit of cleaning left to do :)


kamal said...

O man ! It was just amazing. Thanks for making it special.

-Baby k

subramoni said...

nice summary of one heck of a night. I am sure defeat for K and K at the hands of S and R is impending :)

Anonymous said...

A fantastic fun-filled night !
A very nice summary from your side.

To my surprise , you all guessed it wrong! It was 4 thieves indeed :)) ... Ramya, You were the wisest of all to acknowledge my answer with a :)

But still I feel that answer was the best ;) So Mannithuvedungal makkaley !


Anonymous said...

That was one helluva night!!! I have never played a game with such enthu and interest in my life for a long time now..Nice gift..I hope you organise a few more like this and all of them be more memorable than this..Cheers


RS said...

To k: Chumma oru pechuku Baby K nu sonna, adaye un signature akita?

To S: Sure! Adutha daravayum 5 am varaikum!

To V: All in all, your answer gets my vote - no competition there at all :)

To Ramji: Sure, you are welcome :)

Sriram C S said...

Interesting to see another Rich Dad Poor Dad reader...have you read his other books - Cash Flow Quadrant and Business School? One of my friends (who is an entepeneur retired and financially free by 27) actually has the Cashflow game and we played it. It was amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, it was one helluva night on Friday... we sure should have more such get-togethers... Camping/trekking for 3 to 4 days would be a great idea...

Sorry Ramya, don't know how many times ur
"Kamal Porum" words fell into deaf ears...when KP is around that's bound to happen...:).

God bless u both...


dinesh said...


Yeah. Like you might have guessed, I loved the game. The next time around, I am changing the rules of the game to suit the more creative of us better :). I am tired of staying in the last rung with our "4 thieves" mannan ! :)

RS said...

To KP: Looks like you are becoming an expert in Balderdash :)

To Dinesh: "The more creative of us?" If you say so! :))

Looking forward to the next session!

RS said...

To agnibarathi: I liked the book, not sure how easy it is to implement its principles, but impressive. I wanted to buy the cash flow game, but then thought it might turn out to be more educational than entertaining :)

Nope, haven't read his other books.

Sriram C S said...

I felt the same way with Robert Kiyosaki's books initially, but if you go through Cashflow Quadrant and then Business school, you will actually understand how to implement the principles!! In fact, the books have helped me plan my retirement in the next 2 years with a solid passive income (Ask me how!!!)!!! P.S. I'm just 23!! And yeah, Cashflow game can be entertaining and educating if you get 5-10 people with you to play it!!

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