June 29, 2005

Unrelated recollections - blame it on the telephone conference!

Me is falling asleep even in this uncomfortable supposedly-ergonomic chair. 20 faces staring into 20 thinkpads - a 2 hour telephone conference, I know am not going to make much sense in this post but the air is conditioned just right and the drone from the telephone is beginning to sound more and more like gentle murmers to definitely would be embarassing if I fall asleep here, so here goes a post about random thoughts of a sleepy mind.

Bits-pilani bhawan's night (the guys get to invite us for dinner and party to their bhawan, too sleepy to explain further) - I was in a whiny mood and was talking for God-knows-how-long about how I did not know to dance (to my credit, I did learn Bharathanatyam for four years when I was little), sing, play an instrument and so on, when my unfortunate host said, "Hey! You know something? It's great to be ordinary!" Now, I am not really quoting him because he said something that caused an epiphany yada yada, I say it because I just remember him saying that, no reason. So, this little paragraph here is dedicated to all those ordinary people out there and out here :)


My mom is learning Hindi, which I think is pretty cool. About time I learnt a new language! My office colleagues tell me that a child that is taught many languages as it grows up develops better mental faculties, understanding - the works!

I hate shrugs.

"Hey, would you like to go out for a cuppa coffee? Huh? Huh? Huh?!", all jumpy and excited.

"Sure, I guess", accompanied by a shrug.

"Well, you have fun at the coffee shop, am afraid I just cannot come!"


All girls (atleast most girls, well, atleast a few girls and me) like their boy friends, husbands to have led a life that consists of : cutting classes, unruly hair, cycle chains twirled in contempt and even as a dare, even a few cigarettes, torn jeans and dirty tshirts, non-conformity, disobedience, basically an I-don't-care-a-damn cool jerk of sorts (somewhat like Karthik in Mouna Ragam). And just make up a list of the opposites for what a girl expects after the I dos :)


Don't you hate an alltime-solution-giver (really, I swear I would have come up with a better name on another day!)?

"You know what happened at work today? a~ said bla bla and then c~ agreed with her..."
and so on and so forth, you get the drift? And enter, the ASG (more like ASS),

"You know what you should have done? You should have said..."

"Go, fly a kite!"


Ah, the sweet ring tone of the telephone (and that reminds me - do you get annoyed at the way the telephone receiver's wire connecting it to the instrument gets all twirled up? And then someone calls and you pick up the receiver and the whole instrument kind of falls apart and you pant a "Hello..." with a loud clang and the other person asks, "Hey, Were you waiting for my call?!".

Anyay, the conference ended and so does my silly excuse for a post!


IBH said...

""You know what you should have done? You should have said..."

"Go, fly a kite!"

Aye!Aye! I am with u in this...I HATE such people!!!!!!

btw,wedding bells? :)

BUS said...

ok....i have caught up with ur blogs...
lemme comment on all of the ones i read here...

A whole lot of nothing:
i agree with u that the term TGIF gets more meaning as one lives longer in the US of A.
I always thot we shld be busy even on weekends as u said but then sometimes, as my friends say, it is good to do just nothing. But, then u have to know to enjoy it.

In all my selfish glory...:
This happens only once in a lifetime and the one chance you have where u can be selfish and people wont complain or sometimes even notice.

Unrelated recollections :
I thank God the conference got over and your post ended ;-). See, another reason to Thank God!!! JK!!!
Anywayz great that ur mom is learning Hindi.

PS: your new story is tooooooooooooo looooooooooonnnnnnggggg. will read at leisure.

Sriram C S said...

About wehat girls want, I guess I'm doing the first part correct!!! And if the second part is also true, then I'm going to have a trying time after the I dos!! BTW, hearty wishes for your marriage!!

Ramji said...

Whatever your friend said.. True to the nth degree. By the way, it is very very difficult to stay ordinary and not wanting to be extra- ordinary.

I like being a ordinary person, but it is hard to escape these lines from my inside "Do something extra-ordiinary today!!"


RS said...

To IBH: Wedding bells indeed :)

To Bus: pathiya pudoo company join panna udane, ennoda blog ellam unakku too longa teriyardu :( ?

To agnibarathi: Thanks!

To Ramji: Exactly!

Prabu Karthik said...

kalyanama? cool.
my advance wishes for a great married life:)

sb said...

congrats, kanalathukku!!!!
"for ordinary people", yAr adhu inga ordinary? modesty? inga avan avan daily vandhu blog padichuttu poga uttundu irukkom. ordinary yama?!?!?!?!
good one again

Prabhu said...

alltime-solution-giver -- :)), honestly, i agree, u wud have come up with a better one 99 times out of 100.

the telephone receiver cable getting twirled up, i hate it too! i try it with all my might for a couple of minutes and i give it up eventually. I have never won that battle to straighten it up :(

RS said...

To P~K: thanks :)

To sb: nandri :)

and thanks :)

To prabhu: actually, what prompted this post was when you called me at work and after the regular clash-bang-wham, you asked, "nee enna telephone mela ukandirundiya?!"

Random Access said...

Haha..was fun reading thru..wish u a great life ahead..!

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