June 06, 2005

Art, Innocence, Exuberance, the Silver Screen & Carbona...captured!

OK, I really meant to say feeble (but enthusiastic) attempts at pottery painting, a baby shower, a trip to King's Island, Monster-in-law and Kaadhal, but just felt an inclination towards grandiosity today and I indulged my whim, as always :)

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If you want to relax for a couple of hours and pretend to be an artist, Pots on Fire is the place to go; Seen above - snapshots of artistic outpouring :)

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Gatherings that will definitely not bore me - baby showers! Seen above - a whole bunch of babies :)

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This Sunday, instead of Sunday Samayal on Sun TV, it was girl talk, Congo Falls, The Great Barrier Reef, Adventure Express, some rides that are just great for you to pose in front of and not actually "ride" - Face off, Beast, Son of Beast and finally, a tattoo (notice the small pink swan on my arm above?)! Also displayed is a small memento-rock that k picked up on our trip to Smokey Mountains last weekend :)

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Ah...what would we do in life if movies were not to be...Monster-in-law and Kaadhal, talk about contrast! MIL - just my kind of chick-flick, Kaadhal - powerful, stark - wish I had cried after watching it just for closure...the scenes keeps popping up in my head...

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And Carbona is what you need to carry with you at all times, especially when you go to IChing and people decide to get adventurous and pour red sauce all over your cream pants! Or you can always drive over to Meijers and walk to aisle 15 in your now cream and red pants and then buy it :)

That's the last few weeks in black-and-white, actually in brown-and-pink and in colors :)


A. Noname Moose said...

Does this "Pots on Fire" place have a website? Do they do more than pottery? {You have a [ rather nice ;) ] painting in your picture}.

- Person formerly known as A-No.-Nymous

RS said...

To A no nymous: Long time, no write :) I painted the scenery at Michaels (, they offer painting classes, I think mine was "Bob Ross" style painting :) The pottery painting link ->

BUS said...


Reminds me of my Pots On Fire experience and it is definitely not a place to relax :)

Anywayz NOKIC

A. Noname Moose said...

நன்றி for the information.
... maybe you should put up some higher-rez pictures of your stuff someplace.

Why is Pots on Fire not a place to relax?

virumandi said... my favourite movie..i have watched it for more than 10 times till now..and i plan to see many more times!!!!

Prabu Karthik said...

i think there are too many guys named K in the lexington area.

First I came across Kay, then K version 2(for kamal), then another K(melkris).
Your archives tells about your boyfriend K.

Which K is your K?

Honestly this K S R etc. reminds me of an eng. college in Trichengodu

RS said...

To a no ny mous & bus: I know why bus could not relax! He could not decide on the pattern to paint and was very anxious about which pattern would look good on the plate! That was one of his most stressful days! He spent an hour+ choosing patterns!

To virumandi: I think once will suffice for me, will affect me too much if I watch it again!

To pk: k = look at the second blog on the right hand side that I have linked to :)

IBH said...

RS, hope u liked Kings Island..I had a blast last year...

a silly do upload more than one photo for a single blog..i dont seem to get it at all!

RS said...

To IBH: yes, fun it was :) I guess it's always the people that make it fun more than the place...umm, equally silly answer :) I don't know how to do that, I use "Hello" ( to upload a single photo to my blog and then log into blogger and cut the code out of it and paste it where I want!

kamal said...

Extremely colorful blog. I like. (This is my Blog to Blog)

1. Pots on fire, is relaxing. I initially thought this place was 2 girly. What guy will want to go and paint pottery? But then some of my works are on display and some are sitting in my friends living room :) This is surely not a place for BUS, he WAS tensed :)
2. Kids: This was at a baby shower, another girly place :) Well there were guys there this time, so I was saved. Had a lot of fun blowing balloons for the kids and playing.
3. PKI: This place was just awesome. Usually we miss out on the water rides etc, but not this time, we were in the water park for more than 3 hrs. It was just awesome (I might write a blog about this so no details here :) )
4. Monster-in-Law: After missing the movie once and seeing a houseful sign once we finally saw it. It was watchable, once.
5. Stain Remover: Icing on the cake :) … “people decide to get adventurous and pour red sauce all over your cream pants”, that people is me. 4 people trying to sit on 2 person table for lunch, things are bound to happen :)

Prabz said...

huh.. there is art everywhere here.. :) ... when you say 'kaadhal' had some powerful feel.. guess there was some soul in the whole of the movie! the 'unakenna irupen' song had me haunting like forever!
Couldnt see whats the tatoo clearly.. but hey its all pink.. i guess its a permanent one..huh?

RS said...

To k: Thanks for the blog :) Icing on the cake?!

To prabz: Kaadhal - I guess it's a combination of the songs, the acting, the story...mesmerizing. It's a 3 day tattoo - a pink swan :)

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