June 08, 2005

Emotions of Nature.

This post, initiated by a conversation with d, inspired by R~K's blog about rain. Does nature reflect what we feel or do we emote what nature dons? A few faces of nature, a few faces of us...

A slight lifting of the corners of the mouth, an almost imperceptible smoothening of the crinkles of the forehead, perhaps a dimple that winks at us from one cheek…a small wave rising from the lips, touching upon every feature of the face, gently coaxing the eyes to speak, to evoke, creating magic for the one who receives it…a smile.

Mirth dancing to the sound of tinkling anklets; worries escape - a mere wisp, not the dense clouds they threatened to be; anger dissolves - pale shadows now, not clinging darkness that they posed to be; frowns curve upwards, forgetting their reasons; happy abandon embraces the self, rays of the rising sun brightening souls in slumber...laughter.

Rumbling thunder, angry flashes of lightning, ominous shades of grey that portend approaching storms - unpredictable, wrathful, destructive - anger!

Delicious raindrops on parched feelings, a surge of relief flooding anxious eyes; sometimes a torrent, a deluge of anxiety and sorrow, unstoppable, unconsolable; and at other times, an outpour of happiness that words cannot express - tears.

Sudden gusts of wind, sweeping us off our feet, unanticipated flurry of emotions that overpower when we come face to face with the quirky twists and turns of our lives - surprise.

We spin in vicious cycles, trapped in the tornado, circling endlessly in a seemingly endless misery; hurt, torn, alone for what seems like an eternity and then reason prevails, calmness descends and we emerge from our sorrow.

A myriad patterns, a paradise resplendent in white - snowflakes that gently caress and we tingle, blush, yearn; time interferes, fate intervenes and we stand numbed by its coldness, unable to understand the frigidity...sometimes, it melts and we swim in puddles of passion...and sometimes we just watch hiding behind the curtain, enthralled by the vision in white but scared to venture...and then there is christmas, perfect and white and we know we are where we are meant to be - Love.


Prabu Karthik said...

very good one ramya.

None said...

hmmm... elaborate! thanks for the link.


RS said...

To pk: Thanks :)

To R~K: Nothing deep or insightful here :), I read your blog on mazhaithuli and how it put a smile on your face and thought of relating the forces of nature to our own emotions...A smile perceived as a wave, laughter as sunshine, anger as thunder, raindrops - tears, wind - surprise, tornado - sorrow and snow - love...communion with nature, if you will :)

virumandi said...

when i read this blog..

1st para..i was able to understand, which brought a SMILE on my face, 'cos, i was able to understand..

2nd paragraph..went over my head so it brought me LAUGHTER..'cos of how, i, came into early conclusion, that i am going to understand this blog...

3rd paragraph..once again beyond the grasps of my brain..brought me ANGER..'cos of my inabiblity..

4th paragraph..ahh..there it is..tip of the iceberg, that i can comprehend, brought TEARS..'cos of the feeling of having improved my comphrehending capabilities..

5th paragraph..brought me SURPRISE..'cos, i am kind of surprised that i was able to understand two paragraphs on the trot..

6th..paragraph..and the blog would make me fall in LOVE with 'playing with words' once again

Mel Kris said...

Ramya - this is awesome - there cant be a better way of describing these expressions/feelings.Looks like another great writer is in the making.

RS said...

To virumandi: Absolutely enjoyed reading your comment :)

To Mel Kris: Thanks, dude :)

Anjali said...

wow i enjoyed the blogging"shower".came from virumandi's link.Going through your list of fav authors most of them are mine too.

Anonymous said...

Very expressive emotions !


Prabu Karthik said...

Ramya, i have lot of respect for you as a writer.

I wanted to share this with you.
check out this person.

naan ellam ezhudhi enna panna poren? she gave me an inferiority complex for sure:-)

Simple yet profound.

i think she will be as popular as you and ammani. i am not sure but this my hunch.

Prabu Karthik said...

Phew. she is already there in your comments n i did not see:-) my bad.

IBH said...

Wish I could write atleast 1% well as u do :) high hopes ;)

Very nicely written!U have a huge fan in me :)

Anonymous said...

"Looks like another great writer is in the making." I disagree...a great writer has already been made...we are fortunate to be her friends...

Nicely expressed...


RS said...

To a, Vasu, P~K, IBH, KP: Thanks :)

To P~K: I did visit her site - impressive.

To KP: Idellam too much :) but thanks, missed your comments here for a while.

To IBH: Thanks a ton :) You are far ahead of me in terms of popularity - 20 comments per post atleast :)!

IBH said...

:) 20 comments per post is just too easy...but to write material of this caliber is a tad too difficult :)

dinesh said...


Was good. I liked this the most (or could relate to it)

"We spin in vicious cycles, trapped in the tornado, circling endlessly in a seemingly endless misery; hurt, torn, alone for what seems like an eternity and then reason prevails, calmness descends and we emerge from our sorrow."

Liked virumandi's comment to this post ! :)

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