February 28, 2006

Act 1, Scene 1.

Life or the little bit of it that I have experienced, is an interesting stage with little dramas unfolding every now and then. The scenes that are enacted on stage affect the audience in different ways depending on whether you are seated in the front row rooted to your seat and eyes locked on the stage or the last row shouting your throat hoarse making sure your noise is heard or you are one of those ushers standing at the door yawning - the same old scene for the umpteenth time. It also depends on how closely you relate to the drama on stage and to the actors themselves. And just like every play ends, every little drama in life has a closure, eventually the curtains do come down and the lights go off and sometimes we forget it ever took place.

And then there are times when I wonder if I am seated in the wrong row or maybe if I am acting a role not cut out for me or perhaps if I am in the wrong play altogether!

I just hope, when the curtains do go down, the little scenes that I played a part in and the little scenes that changed me have a meaningful story to tell.

Or as the quote in my template quotes - "Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act -Truman Capote". Have always wondered about that.


Rubic_Cube said...

Makes me wonder a lot about life being called a "maya" in our esteemed scriptures. The same "maya" makes us see life differently at various situations. Crest at times, Troughs at other. Introspective at times, Blank at other. Colorful and Wishful at times, Gray and Melancholic at other. More than this "maya", what seems to grab my attention is the unending search for the "it"... the source of everything. Mmmmm...

RS said...

rubic_cube - Life is itself a maya sometimes and yet we take it so seriously as if it were all so real :)

PH said...

wonderfully written!

also liked your way of ending the post with a quote.

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