February 17, 2006

Wickedly yours!

In general I would prefer to be a boy. I have expressed this several times in the past, have even blogged about it (nah, it was not that great, so I won't bother to post a link to it). But then there come times such as Feb 15th when it's almost fun to be a girl.

You see, guys have this huge memory problem. They forget what they should not and remember what they should forget. How did this guy get out in the test match played a zillion years ago between Zimbabwe and yawn...SriLanka - pat comes the answer!

When is my birthday?

" are a Taurean because you are beautiful...wait, you are a Gemini..heh heh, of course because my mom is a Gemini..."

And this, when I am a Piscean. Yes, I know that's exaggerated a tad, but who cares? :)

Anyway, coming back to guys and Valentine's day - it's fun to get a really cute gift on Valentine's day. Sometimes, it's more fun to not get a gift. Then you get to trouble your guy with meaningful remarks, harmless insinuations and innocent-sounding questions, reminding him each time that he forgot. He forgot!

(I am in a devilish mood now, oh come on now, don't tell me, you don't feel like being naughtily evil once in a while!)

So,when he forgets, don't waste that opportunity with silly emotional dialogues like, "How could you forget?!", that's all old school and it doesn't work anyway. Instead, you can send him a link to related blog posts to remind him that he forgot or if you are in the mood that I currently am in today, you can plan something more elaborate!

So, you have a little gathering and you can ask one of your girlfriends, "Hey, what did you guys do for Valentine's day?" and then ignore her answer and then launch into your pre-planned response, "Oh, my husband forgot to give me a gift for Valentine's day. That's ok...poor thing has so much on his head..." and then sprinkle a little bit of, "Oh yes, I gave him a gift!" and "He loved it...poor thing felt bad that he forgot, you know?"

And just loud enough so people in the room get to hear it. And the evil me is all the while gleefully rubbing hands in my head. The satisfaction of that set-up is something that a cutesy little gift can just not give you!

I can give several such instances. Say, he is watching a game and you interrupt knowing you probably should not (somewhat like Kate Hudson, when she asks for a diet Coke in How to lose a guy in 10 days!) and then he just doesn't respond or responds with, "Not now, it's a touchdown!" and then you have your little plot! After the game, you can always tell him how rude he was to you (Of course he wouldn't remember a word of the conversation that ensued during the game), so feel free to spice-up the conversation, and then he will try to bribe you,

"I shouldn't have said that.." (with a sufficiently forlorn look that fools no one but we play the game anyway :)

And then you say, "I felt hurt..."

And he goes, "Let me make up to you by cooking tonite!" and if you are lucky,

"And doing the dishes!"

And then you can say, "Ha! Caught you!" (in your head, not aloud!) and aloud you say, "Ok, if you think that will make you feel better..."

and then walk slowly towards your novel, snuggle back into your favourite position on the couch and relax.

It's all the way you play your cards!

Gosh, What has gotten into me today? I sound like one of those wily, scheming wives in bad Tamil movies! Am going to make up for these thoughts by cooking a good dinner tonight!


Prabu Karthik said...

aaha, forget movies, RS will make a scheming maamiyaar in mega serials.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I am leaving a comment in your blog though i have made it here a lot more....

This one is good.... :):)


sb said...

This is frightening. FORGETFUL boyfriends and scheming girlfriends!!!

Parth said...

Oh the schemes and the inexplicable mind games. What does a poor man do against such brilliance? :-) By the way, I am back. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Rubic_Cube said...

this is super cool. what does k think abt it...

Hellboy said...

unless you have more tricks up your sleeve, i kind of feel that you blew your cover here :-)

I dont see K falling for any of these tricks again :)

Gayatri said...

:)ramya, i agree with atleast the first part of ur blog. coz thats exactly wat i did!;))
i have to try implementing the second part some time...only, i shouldn't get carried away by that sorry face my hubby makes and the repetitive 'sorry's he says. maybe he plays that game better than me:))
anyway, dont feel guilty about seeming like a scheming woman once in a while-its all part of the fun of being in love:-D

ashok said...

very interesting but frightening!...hmmmmmm

RS said...

p~k - :(((

arul - thanks, welcome here :)

sb - You must especially be frightened ;)

parth - yay! welcome back! me happy :)

rubic_cube - like hellboy says, i have revealed the trick now, so he is happy :)

hellboy - sigh...back to the drawing board :)

gayatri - yes, I the end, they always play the game better than us ;)

ashok - :)

GG said...

Ramya - now I know why you get confused when I use my name :p

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