February 26, 2006


I: "Vedavalli"

k: "Tamil Goddess's name. I can't even scold her. Next."

I: "You go!"

k: "Krithika"

I: "Dont you know someone called Krithika?"

k: "Yeah, I still do, so?"

I: "No nooo, that won't work, haven't you seen Boys? After twenty years, when you meet her and tell her your kid's name is Krithika, she will wonder if you loved her all along, didn't tell her and named your kid Krithika. Nooo sire."

k: "After twenty years? I still am in touch with her!"

I: "Oh, anyway, how about Ragini...ooh I like Ragini."

k: " ok but then people will call her Rags!"

I: "So?"

k: "Next! I like Catherine!"

I: "We can't name our daughter Catherine dude!"

k: "Yeah, I was just saying I like the name. Why are we discussing only girl names? What if we get a boy?"

I: "Srinivas."

k: "Back to God names!"

An oft-repeated discussion at home. No, am not hinting anything but then it's always fun to plan in advance, especially when it comes to important things like naming your kid. Catherine is good...I actually like Florentyna better :)


Subha said...

suggest 'Mattuvarkuzhali' as a girl name and 'Kochengannan' as a boy name to k..:) I am sure he will loooooove it...LOL

Zeppelin said...

my suggestions - 'yvonne' if its a girl and 'ali baba' if its a boy.. :)

wat say no ?? ;)

Kumari said...

Advance planning is always good. With all the tension of trimester who wants to add nameless arguments to it?

I would love to suggest names but what if like that episode in Sex & the City, you use it :p

Anyways, I always looked for extremely Tamil names or hard to pronounce names..."Yaan peRa inbam, peruga ivvayagam" :D

So how about 'Andril' or 'Arianna'or Poonguzhali?
Oh yeah, the josier in Tiruchendur said I'll only have daughters, so no guy names :p

Hellboy said...

reminds me of the conversation between Abhirami and Kamal in Virumandi.

“En payanuku Sachinu than peru veppan” :). Hey that’s a good name you know, Ganguly is not bad either :)

An Idiot... said...

Have seen quite a few friends of mine having the same conversation...though I am no way close to having that conversation in my life...I have always felt that people planning for a long time end up in really complex tongue twisters :(

IBH said...

we had to meet a common point! me and hubby dear :)

he is a nair and am a marathamizhachi :)

so i suggested this :)

paiyana : Tamilselvan Nair
ponnuna : Tamilselvi Nair :)

ipo therinjurukume nan patta avasthai after that :)))) anyways advanced planning ku advanced congrats :)))))

Saranya Kishore said...

So sweet :)
We started this conversation, before we got married ....err...because of our religious differences. We wanted the name to be non-biased based on religion.
And we are still thinking.:)

Anonymous said...

I remember you having a conversation with Kamal when I visted your home a few days back. Still arguing with the names ? Anyways how about Kopperundevi for a girl and Pattasu for a boy ?


Parth said...

Wonderful scary discussion ;-) One of the criterion should be how the name would be treated by Americans. This is coming from someone who gets called 'Bart' each time someone repeats his name to him :-(

Hellboy said...

Just an FYI...

“En payanuku Sachinu than peru veppan”

This is a dialogue from the movie Virumandi and definitely not mine :))

Prabhu said...

When I read Ragini being considered as a name, I immediately thought of a theater complex in Chennai.

Ragini, Roopini, Rakshini!
( And I believe they have added 2 theaters to the complex recently)

Good luck :)

RS said...

subha - he did, absolutely! He just needs a coupla years of practice to get them right tho :)

arun - rombave cool! :)

kumari - I remember an episode in friends also where rachael picks monica's name, emma for her kid ;)

hellboy - Was just gonna ask you why you want to name your kid Sachin!

Just kidding :)

RB - true, some are tongue twisters even for me!

IBH - super names! and thanks :)

saranya - good luck, lemme know what you pick ;)

Vasu - cool! pattasu will become Pat soon :)

Parth - :))) I came upon this interesting statistic when I googled for bart :)

"Bart as a name for boys has been one of the 1,000 most popular names in the United States 9 decades since 1880." :)))

prabhu - dei! Evolo azhagana pera kocha paduthita!

Rubic_Cube said...

Well... does not look like it... but r u guys expecting or something? Me n my wife did this the day after we got to know that we were expecting our first baby... And the next day was spent aaraaichifying all name databases. I was hinged on naming our first child after Lord Shiva if it were a son and after Goddess Parvati if it were a daughter. And that narrowed down the choice heavily. Also, I was adamant that the name that we chose should not get truncated in anyway. Like, if we chose Ramachandran, it gets truncated to Ram or Rama or something like that and the whole never rarely gets called. So - short, sweet and indivisible was the rule that I was opting for. Finally decided on naming a girl as Gauri and a boy as Akshay. Eventually, you can call it divine intervention too... Sep 7th 2005 - Ganesha Chaturthi day - Gauri entered our lives. Now, Gauri and Ganesha Chaturthi.. do you see a correlation there? :-) 6 months old now, you bet - life could not have been better despite the sleepless nights and endless wails... :-)

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