February 15, 2006

Valentine's day bloopers :)

*** video removed, you are too late :) ***

Posting this when k is playing his volleyball game blissfully unaware of the fact that his little Valentine-blooper video has gone live!

So the story begins with me trying to surprise k by picking three hindi songs that begin with the word "Piya" and translating them to English as a Valentine's day gift (if I can call it that). The three songs I picked were Piya tose naina lagi re, Piya bina piya bina and Piya bole piyu bole.

He doesn't know that the songs I have translated are Hindi songs, so he tries his hand at Tamil, tries to create a song with "kanmani" and a selected few other words that he has probably heard often in Tamil movie songs.

By the end the hour, I am wondering if he is working on an assignment or I am! All said and done, quite an entertaining little experiment!

In the video, the initial lines he is struggling with are:

Beloved! my eyes have met your,
Who knows what happens in the future?
Holi is here, bringing with it its colors aplenty
But, without you, Holi seems just empty,

a rough translation for:

Piyaa Tose Nainaa Laage Re, Nainaa Laage Re
Jaane Kyaa Ho Ab Aage Re, Nainaa Laage Re
Ho, Aa, Ho, Aai Holii Aai Ho, Sab Ra.Ng Laai
Bin Tere Holii Bhii Na Bhaae, Ho

I keep diverting him to the word, "Piya" hoping he will get a clue, all in vain :) In the end, he hums, "Piya tose" and then quickly gets sidetracked with "Holi".


kamal said...

dei !! Y Y Y, would you do this to me? :))

btw, we won the volleyball game. Don't you think I am the most patient puzzle solver ever? :)

You know what, Scotland Yard or the Mumbai Police should recruit me for solving their unsolved mysteries. What say?

IBH said...

:) i loved every bit of the video :)

sorry k! :)
but hey K, u have a companion in my home!it seemed to be like my home video but with u guys in it :)

so RS, u speak mostly in tamil with him eh? me too :)

thennavan said...

Ek Dhum First Class!


BUS said...

k u cldnt solve such simple clues ;-) :))

great video RS did he get it in the end or did he look at the cheat sheet :)

Anonymous said...

hi! ramya, nice to see 'k' muzucchifying to clear the puzzles:)(I dont bother much about the results anyway; its the effort thats to be appreciated:). Orae oru doubt; did u finally get him 'Bournvita:):)?

Subha said...

I loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

this was cool...

Gg said...

OH MY GOD!! Kamal - inspite of the Piya you didn't get the first line. Tch tch tch :p
Awesome :)

Saranya Kishore said...

Cute video!
And you do sound like a teacher :)

Prabu Karthik said...

adadaa.. oru samathu payyanai pottu ipdi kalaasarangaley!


Zeppelin said...

hahahahahahaa.... finally saw the vid..awesome !!

@ K - what say we do a saturday mornin' video ?? ;)

dinesh said...

A valentine's day GIFT ? Shouldn't a gift be comething he should Enjoy ? :). I think you have the meaning wrong !

Kamal, nee onnum kavale padaadhe. I have Ramya's LTCA "Suththa Thamizh" video. That will be my next blog ! :)

The video was semma cute and funny though ! I should give you that !

Hellboy said...

Sweet :-)

Kumari said...

Paavam K...irundhalum oru nalla payana ipdi thavikka vitrukka koodadhu...that too on Valentine's day :)

But an entertaining video :)

RS said...

kamal - patient?! You or me?! :)

IBH - Thanks! I liked making the video too ;)

thennapun - shukriya janab :)

bus - to be fair to him, he got it, after 45 minutes :)

anon - no bournvita, next time, i think he will need it though :)

subha, vv, gg, saranya, hellboy - thanks :)

p~k - samathu payan?! :)

arun - hmm..sat morn video?

dinesh - noooooooo, we are friends, right ;) ?

kumari - thanks :) I have a suspicion he enjoyed "starring" in the video more than me recording it!

kamal said...

Ramya, yes patience, I am patient, I don't know about you (with head held high, looking at the ceiling and the hand gesturing in the other direction) :)

ibh, sometimes I wonder what would happen with ramya and you, if it were not for us :)

bus and gg, dude I solved it ! Just took at little longer than ramya expected, actually, I like the story that I knew the answers and dragged it further by acting like I did not know

J, kolandhai did not get Bournvita :)

prabhu, thanks for the support, wait till you read the next blog !

Arun, what are you talking about ?

Dinu, I have a lot of Ramya bloopers :)

Kumari, Thank you for your support

Finally, I think RS is the best director and I am the best actor :) .. O, jus kidding !

Rubic_Cube said...

apdi podu! k - neat effort. u r doing much better than most others can ever manage. the nalungu episode in my marriage turned out be a narration rather than a singing one...
rs - konjam adjust maadings...

Ravages said...

Damn, that was funny.

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