March 01, 2006

Lets create some good karma!

Lets start with the definition of karma: "The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny." or "A distinctive aura, atmosphere, or feeling".

Let's try to make the definition more practical. We all want to create good karma and stay away from bad karma. So what makes good karma? Being good to people, generally speaking, creates good karma. So, how can we be good to people? Help, empathize, support, encourage - these terms in general seem to be likely candidates to create good karma. And how can I avoid bad karma? Don't hurt, insult, disparage, discourage. That's pretty clear then, you would think.

Not really.

What if I hurt someone unintentionally? What if someone hurts me unintentionally? Does that create bad karma too even when we did not intend to? How can we learn not to do that? As D~ often used to say - put yourself in the other person's shoes and walk a bit in it, get the feel of it before you say something or react to something. So, good. I do that. What if I still feel am in the good karma zone or what if the other person is not wearing my shoes? We have a clash of karmas here.

Yes, I sound like I am eighty years old. I am, I have been fooling you all with a photo taken when I was much younger! Nah...who am I kidding? If I were eighty I would be able to write an essay on karma and stuff, I wouldn't be struggling with a half-baked post on "how not to define karma".

Anyway, that's my ramble-dose inflicted on you guys for no fault of yours. Would that amount to bad karma?!


thennavan said...

Karmam Karmam ;-)

BUS said...

so all this blah blah started becoz ...

Muthukumar Puranam said...

How did the karma start?. I dont agree with the definition, it is not addressing all parts of karma.

Thennavan: Good one man..LOL!!

RS said...

thennavan - I actually wanted to include what "karmam" meant too :)

bus - because I am crazy, you should know that by now ;)

pb - Defn from I was expecting you to mention the three factors that you were telling me about - different worlds, different janmams and the Lord himself - the aspects of karma aana nee vera edo type adichirka!

Muthukumar Puranam said...

sari as u say RS

Before talking about karma theory one has to accept existence of three factors.
One person taking different janmas based upon is karma
2. Lokantharam
Existence of different lokas, like swarga, naraka, pathala etc. where a jiva takes janma based on his karma
3. Ishwara:
God who manages the whole system.

If not one cannot positively explaining things one being born as rich, poor, handicapped etc. Bad things happening to good ppl kinda stuff.

RS said...

pb - thanks!

nivas said...

I wonder why many think that only 80 yr olds can talk of Karma/sprituality!! Anything that makes us better today, we can boldly follow.

From what i know of Karma theory, even accruing good karma is also not good. It will make us take another birth to spend it off completely!!

The only solution is to do things according to our conscience and surrender the results, good or bad to the Lord!

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