February 06, 2006


Do you ever run a conversation in your head before it actually happens? I recently realized that I do that a lot! Even for silly little conversations that I know are going to take place, I seem to be creating two little people in my head with a passable likelihood to the other person whom I am going to talk to and me, and the two little people actually carry on the conversation in my head and then the real-life conversation happens.

And this is annoying. Its like you always have to guess the ending of a movie or a book, you don't have to, but you do anyways and often, the ending is wrong or just way off from what the actual ending is! Or as Joey put it, "You are so far off from the line, the line is not a line anymore, it's a dot!"

So, now not only do I have the little people talking in my head, the little people are talking things that real people are most probably not going to talk! For example, if I am going to talk to a girl to invite her for afternoon tea (no, I have never invited anyone over for "afternoon tea" but since this is a silly example, anyway, let's see how silly we can get :)

Me: Hi little person one, how about coming over for afternoon tea?
Her: Ok but I also wanted to tell you that your short story was silly.
Me: Oh ok, which one?
Her: All of them, especially the one in which everyone is laughing for no reason.
Me: Oh but there is a hidden meaning there...did you get it?

And so on, you get my drift? And now I start thinking if my short story was really silly and if everyone was indeed laughing without a reason. See? Unnecessary trails leading to nowhere. Not that I would think important thoughts otherwise, but just that I would like the time to think about not-important thoughts that I choose to think about rather than those imposed on me by myself, when I least expect it!

I think the only way I can beat the two little people to the conversation is by having an impulsive conversation! Start talking to someone about something before I know I am going to do it! Yes, that seems like it would work...

Oh well, now I need to listen to the conversation that the little people (me and k) are having in my head since I know that I am going to show this post to him and since I have to run the conversation in my head already, am doing that.

Excuse me while I listen to k and me talk about what we really will not be talking about!



Subha said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :)

dinesh said...

Funny ! I run a conversation between 2 people in my head too sometimes (you know, those important times :)). And you're right, the real conversation's usually way off. Sometimes beating those 2 people to a real conversation, is a better thing to do !

Saranya Kishore said...

funny post.
and you watch way too much Friends, I guess! ;)

Muthukumar Puranam said...

As you all know, in any conversation between two ppl, only I talk and dont allow the other person to talk. It is very easy for me to run the conversation in my head!!!

RS said...

subha - :))

dinesh - me agrees :)

saranya - true, true :)

pb - ah! an easy solution :)

BUS said...

if the conversation in ur head is the same as the real life then where is the fun and excitement!!!

i think there wld be none :)

Ardra said...

hey, i do that often too- in fact I've even asked my son not to interrupt :-D
and I've settled scores, expressed what I could not, given a piece of my mind- all during such chats in the head...
and when I'm in no mood to chat, then I break into song- or simply chant-
happens mostly when I cook...

and btw, in that other post, where u were talking abt best opening lines, I knew u would mention those in Love Story...and if I dont tell it to u here, I'm sure I'll tell u during my chat session in the head :-)

Rubic_Cube said...

u know... it is so common that we do not even bother to think of it the way you have written. it does happen like that. one prepares for something. what happens eventually is most often a play of murphy's law! your post reminds me of some lyrics from a kulashaker song...
"minds forever changing what you become"
in the minds, we mould ourselves as somebody, a million times over... and it barely happens. :-)

Rubic_Cube said...

a typical confused situation that results in a stymied position reminds me of another line from the pink floyd song "learning to fly"
Tongue tied and twisted,
An earth bound misfit. I!


RS said...

bus - hmm...interesting way to look at it :)

ardra - ...and if I dont tell it to u here, I'm sure I'll tell u during my chat session in the head :-)


rubic_cube - we mould ourselves as somebody, a million times over... and it barely happens. :-)


Anonymous said...

Nalla padhippu.

Iruvar kural irudhayathil iyalbaaga kettu
tharuvar dharmam thanadhaaga kondu
oruvar oppithadhu oppiladhirukka kandu
niruthaen needhi nayamaaga uraithaen

kamal said...

My mind is usually pre-occupied with other (read constructive) thoughts. I do not have the space in between my two ears to run conversations between two people. I shall try to create place, or maybe I will just have the conversation instead of thinking about it ;)

RS said...

anonymous - The essence of a verse is brought to life in the author's own words...please explain :)

kamal - thats ok! I do the talking between the little people in my head for both of us!

Prabhu said...

Inside me:

P: Non-conversations is a funny blog ramya, nalla irunthuthu!

R: Thanks, but etho nakkal ku solraa mari iruku. Nijamave pidichu irunthuthaa?

P: yaa, bcos I have also done these talkings so many a time.

R: appadiyaa? which ones did u particularly like?? and when have u felt these talkings? do u not talk instinctively then??

P: ?>?>?>?

Outside me:
Ohh ivvlo questions varumaa??
and Me writing this on the comment section --" Goood writing keep'em coming!

Anonymous said...

The essence is that the post was a good one ;)

RS said...

prabhu - Good comment! Keep it coming :) I wont ask if you are thuppifying or just making an observation ;)

anon - :)

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