November 30, 2005

!(single) anymore!

When you are married, you just have to realize that you are not single anymore! No, really, read that one more time and you'll realize I am not just trying to be funny and doing a pretty miserable job at it, am trying to convey a point here...I think :)

Last evening k & I were driving back from work and I was talking nonstop about what I did in the day, what profound realizations dawned on me between 9 and 5 that day, how I have decided to turn over a new leaf (usually once every four days) and such thought-provoking stuff when in the midst of one particular animated monologue, I said, "You know, atleast I am single and don't have kids and all..." and then went on to complete a number of related thoughts.

Normally during these conversations, I take care of the talking bit and k does a good job of listening or atleast saying appropriate "uh huh", "hmm" and "ok"s at regular intervals, a pretty good imitation of a patient listener if anything. That's besides the point. I noticed after five more minutes of talking that I did not receive the expected "hmm" and "ok" this time. So, I turned around and he just gave me a long hard look and said, "Ramya, you are not single."

So, that was one big oops. Then there was this aunty who told me out of the blue, "Ramya, you know, once you have kids, your husband will become a wall!" and I happened to mention this in passing to k's dad. He didn't seem particularly bothered and just mentioned that I got to be smart about what to take to heart and what to filter out. Two days later, k was talking to his mom and she asks him, "Is Ramya still worried about the wall thing?"


Like I said, sometimes you just have to realize that you are not single anymore!


Prabu Karthik said...

>>You know, atleast I am single and don't have kids and all

K kuoru nimisham bageernu irundhirukkum.

ennada indha ponnu kaaga madras elam poi kalynam panninomey nu
he would've thought :D

IBH said...

:) this happens to me even after 2 years of marriage RS :) still can never say our money :) itis always my money and ur money :) i guess this is the only problem I have...still can not think of two of us as one person :)
i guess that initial 7 years itch is going to be a longer one in my case :)

Zeppelin said...


i am single and don't have kids and all.. :)

dinesh said...

Funny post ! Don't know if you meant it to be funny..but funny it was ! Can't help but pity "Baby Shah" :)

hellboy said...

I wouldn’t read too much into “at least I am single “ part of the dialogue. This happens when your spouse is someone you met a long time back and were friends with and then transitioned into the marital life with him/her. I guess this is the case here. It’s probably because of the slower parts of the brain catching up to the fact that K is not just your friend anymore but also your husband. :-)

@IBH, I may be plain wrong but I think there is a huge chasm between your situation and that of RS. :-) Again, I may be totally wrong

IBH said...

HB,U are rite..yeah there is a huge chasm in the thot she has put forward and the way i have put it..i wanted to say that the thot of "being single" doesnt vanish easily....

mite be i misunderstood...:) the problem in our situation is i am still considering myself to be single in certain aspects as in MY money and not OUR money...

mite be i still didnt understand...:)

RS said...

P~K - :)))

IBH - Glad am not alone :)

phil - yeah yeah, ok, being single is not too hot, you know ;) ?

dinesh - In everyone's shoes but :))

hellboy - sound vaguely familiar, do I know you? :)

hellboy said...

@IBH, now i understand. probably i will realize how difficult it is to get out of this thought once i am not single any more :-). I guess “your money” and “our money” doesn’t matter as long as the couple sticks to which ever works. I personally like the following dialogue from Dharma and Greg
Greg to Dharma: no no, your money is your money and my money is our money.

Disclaimer:- I don’t watch Dharma and Greg any more. I used to when I first came to US 

@RS, Nah, you don’t know me  never been east of Houston before.

sb said...


Shiva said...

well, well.. I still cant believe you said something like that to k !!! poor guy, he gets doused with water, washes the pots & pans, forgets the NBA and you forget him !!!! LOL !

RS said...

sb - :)

shiva - :(, God if you put it that way, it sounds reallly bad :)

dinesh said...


ha ha ! RS, I don't think he put it that way...I think you did. Any reasonable soul would have the same idea, don't you think ? :)

PS: One more shoe for me to try on !! :)

Zeppelin said...


nuh-uh ! :)

RS said...

phil - "whatever!" :)))

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