November 03, 2005

Babies r us?

I want to write today. I haven't really decided what to write about but since I wish to write today, write I will! And what have we here? A nice little title for this post, so let's proceed without further adieu or ado (be gone, you purists!).

I wonder if my life would be a tad better were I to behave with friends as I would with a baby. I don't mean, "Aren't you a darling now?" kind of baby-talk - I intend to dwell on a slightly more serious trail of thought :)

What if today, I wear my heart on my sleeve? What if I am an open book for all to read today? I smile when I want to, I frown when someone makes me frown and I say what I feel. Wouldn't that be an uncomplicated way of living our lives?

I don't think if what am going to say will hurt you, if I don't like something, I just say it! Out with it - end of story. After all, if we all just say what we think, we probably would end up hurting each other much less, don't you think? No disguises, no appearances tailored to fit a certain category of people...I am constant, no inner currents running through my head, I am not smiling because I have to and I am not covering up a flinch because I don't want to appear so sensitive; I am who I am.

Well, I am who I am and now I am hungry, so off to lunch where I begin to live as the new me (well, atleast for today!).


BUS said...
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BUS said...

I wish I could comment what I really want to without thinking of the outcome of it :- ) but...

Anywayz, I think everyone sometimes think like u do today!!!

GG said...

RS - I have tried practising what you have preached -- and believe me -- I have heard people complain about it :)
A lot of people would prefer euphemism rather than honesty of the heart - fortunately or unfortunately for some!!!

Subha said...

Yeah, I'd prefer to be me myself all the time with everyone. I can manage it with only a few people. But I'd prefer that the person opposite me be completely natural because I think I can stand the truth much better than any lies that people cook up to make me feel better!

hellboy said...

Trust me, it would be absolute bliss once we start speaking and acting our minds. It works especially well when we are going through a mean streak. So what, if it leaves people pissed off all around us…. :-)

Once in a while we need to practice meanness just as Bharathi asked us to practice aggression (routhram pazhagu..)

Coming to speak of this it would also be fun to talk exactly opposite to what your current thought process is. This works wonders when talking to your boss…

Anonymous said...

It needs a brutally honest approach to speak what you think and I have only come across very few who can do that. I think I have consciously tried not to speak when i have not so pleasant things to say, particularly when i don't know the person well enough.

Simple things/questions are always profound and hard to folow.Good post.


RT said...

i personally dont think i can do it with everyone...let me know how u fare

RS said...

Bus - Hmm, so is that what you really thought :) ?

gg - I agree or we end up projecting a wrong image for some reason!

subha - absolutely.

hellboy - Thats a funny thought - what if I said exactly what am not thinking :))

vv - Thanks...simple thoughts indeed, wish it were as simple to follow.

rt - will do :)

hellboy said...

i would refrain from saying something that i am not exactly thinking for it may border some sort of blabbering:-))

i will stick with this

1)speak exactly what we think
2)speak exactly "opposite" to what we think. this should be parallel to our thinking and should not have any time delay wrt our thought process

Priyamvada_K said...

This a personal failing of mine - can't hide what I feel. Not good at pretending, and this has sometimes cost me dearly. But the friends that I have know the real me, and that's a pleasure.


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