November 22, 2005

Did I do something wrong?!

4.45 PM. She looks at the clock and mentally calculates the time it would take for him to reach home from work. 15 minutes. Oh well, maybe make some light tiffin and heat up the tea she had made in the afternoon. He would be delighted for sure to see hot food waiting for him. The thought makes her smile.

She pours a bit of olive oil, mustard and cumin seeds, flecks of garlic and watches it sputter. She carefully fries the onion pieces until golden brown and adds the tomato slices to the pan. She glances at the clock again.

5.00 PM. He should be home anytime now.

She carefully cuts the sides of the bread pieces and tosses them into the pan. A bit of salt and paprika sprinkled into the pan and tiffin is ready.

5.10 PM. She arranges the table, heats up the tea and wonders why he is late.

5.20 PM. By now, she has run out of things to do. She arranges the plate in the center of the table mat and starts tapping on the table and biting her lips.

5.30 PM. Three calls to his cell phone. No answer. The office phone redirects to the voice mail system. Whom else could she call?

5.45 PM. She stands by the little window by her front door and watches her breath frost tiny circles on the glass window. A tan colored car drives past. Not an acura. Why is he not home still?

5.55 PM. Two more phone calls to his cell. By now she begins to panic mildly. Did he wear his seat belt? How could a 15 minute drive take more than 45 minutes even if New Circle is packed? Should she call someone?

6.00 PM. She hears the garage door open. He walks in with a buoyant "Hi!" and a few seconds later, stands doused in water, dripping onto the kitchen floor.

He looks at her, confused more than ever,
"Did I do something wrong?"


kamal said...

The last line should read,

"All bits exaggerated for effect !".

Really, Did I do something wrong? :)

Gayatri said...

hahaha...It sounded like it was "based on a true story"
I got the hint because she told me about the Chai she made in the afternoon....tsk tsk...K you should know better to not loiter around when you're getting back home :p

RS said...

kamal - exaggerated?! You just wait - will douse you again! :)

gayatri - yup, true story, thats why its on this blog and not my short story one :)

A. Noname Moose said...

Women are stupid.
/me ducks.

A. Noname Moose said...

... ask me why.

RS said...

(angrily) You better duck!

OK, why? :)

Parth said...

:-) Really, did he do something wrong?

RS said...

parth - "Men!" (shaking head), I wont understand them :)

A. Noname Moose said...

... because you spent a good 30 minutes making tiffin. And when he finally did show up, you douse him with water instead of replying with "Hi. How come you're so late? What happened? Let's sit and eat while you tell me." to his "Hi".

Why do women invariably have to complicate already complicated situations?

hellboy said...

after work volleyball practice, probably ;-)

RS said...

anm - And why do men have to create the "already complicated situation"? Its not that simple, every tricky situation does not have to be and often cannot be handled in a logical, cool way especially given that human beings (read women) are as emotional as they are!

hellboy - hah! If he that were the case....grrrr

Shiva said...

I guess he must be happy that he got a free bath !!

Prabu Karthik said...

kulichittu saapidanumnu evlo akkarai!.

i'm impressed.

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