November 20, 2005


And that's Trelawny, Cho Chang, Harry Potter, Moaning Myrtle, a wannabe Harry Potter, Hermione, Ginny Weasly and Snape from left to right - just after watching HPATGOF (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)!

We planned for three weeks to reach the theatre an hour and a half early and landed up five minutes before the movie began and had the first row just to ourselves, but in full costume to our credit :)

I must admit, more than the movie itself, it was the numerous emails discussing costumes and times and the anticipation of it all that made (many of) my day(s) :)


rik said... first!!!

Hoping to see the movie soon..

Nice blog..


Shiva said...

awesome movie RS.. I doubt if the muggles understood it though ;)

dinesh said...

Good picture..

I am not trying to be mean but you look nerdy and "paavadai saamiyar" looks like a pakistani terrorist straight from the movie Roja :)

sb said...

was this pic necessary?!?!?! worshttu!!!!!11
Dins, cud not help it dude. :-(

Anonymous said...


I concur and conclude. You have a good eye. Awesome. :))


Its time to unveil the beauty of many more personalities having deadpan countenances boozing around that were caught up in your camera during that confluence ;) and bring it to light.


GG said...

Your zeal is definitely commendable!
I remember when I went to watch the Prisoner of Azkaban at the IMAX - they were giving out free harry potter glassed (little black plastic ones) I was thrilled to bits :)


Saranya Kishore said...

Hah! :)
Loved the movie to the core. I have been going around commenting on all the HP blogs :)

RS said...

rik - thanks!

shiva - Nah, they just dont get it :)

dinesh - And just for that, I shall cast a spell on you - "Ridddikulus!"

sujan - Maybe I should upload some of the solo snape snaps - quite charming, I must say!

Vasu - Are you sure? We have quite a few snaps of you also in there :))

Gayu - ah...we missed those glasses this time!

Brat said...

RS, good movie and good enthu ..

thanks Dinesh, I took the pic ..

IBH said...

we watched itin an ultrascreen and what more can i say other than I loved it :)

hubby dear was pretty low in spirit coz they didnt cover major part of the book in the Victor's role,Ron's mom....

but ALL I want from J K Rowling at this stage is for Ron and Hermoine to get together in the end :) yes! adhu than enaku venum ipo :)

dinesh said...


Thanks :).

RS, one more question..

Why does kamal shah after all that make overs still looks only like kamal shah ? :)

Subha said...

How come you keep on asking question after question? :) Btw, I thought Kamal's lightning scar was awesome...And be careful, Vasu is ottifying you..:)

RS said...

saranya - :)

brat - absolutely!

ibh - konjam namma tamizh cinema madiri happy ending :)

dinesh - ah, good question - 5 points for dineshyndor. You see Kamal is so like Harry in this picture, you see Kamal as Harry and Harry as Kamal :))

dinesh said...

RS - Don't know what the hell you are talking about :)

Subha - Enekkannamo vasu enna otra maadhiri therilaye..paavadai a pathi thappa pesinadhu onakku dhaan porukkale maadhiri thonaradhu ? :)

Subha said...

eppadiyaavadhu ottanume nu ottakoodadhu..:) Paavadai pathi naan mention pannave illaiye?!! I was referring to Vasu's comment of "you have a good eye"...:)

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