November 07, 2005

Personal legends and me.

After a long time, I found the time to finish a book! This is one such book that people tend to question you about with raised eyebrows, "You haven't read that book?!"; and then you try to think of quick, smooth responses that help you garner what little is left of your dignity. Ofcourse none comes to your mind and you just pretend to look baffled, like Joey demonstrates in Friends :)

Anyway, the book raised quite a few questions in the moments when I usually think of profound questions - just before drifting to sleep. A central concept throughout the novel was the search for one's "personal legend" - a goal, a destination that we strive for throughout our lives, that defines our very reason for living. And when we strive to attain such a goal i,e our personal legend, all of nature and higher forces that we don't necessarily perceive, join hands in helping us achieve our personal legend.

Quite a thought, that, although it raises quite a few questions - why just one "personal legend"? Does everything around us really help us achieve our personal legend if we wish it with all our heart? What if my personal legend varies from time to time and what if I am not able to realize what my personal legend is?

I'll just ponder about that when am sleepy again :) For now, am just happy with the marudani on my left hand - my mini-personal-legend for diwali :)


RT said...

ur diwali-personal legend looks nice...did u do that urself???

Prabu Karthik said...

Alchemist indeed was remarkable. Marakka mudiyada book.

i've given this book as a gift to atleast a dozen people..

PH said...

Hey RS,

Yesterday my mom mentioned this book to me (again) and was raving.

I will take the book from you once I finish "The Namesake".

RS said...

rt - nope, a lady here did it for me during diwali for $5 :)

p~k - quite a different book, still thinking about it :)

ph - done, we can compare notes on namesake also!

Anonymous said...


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