May 22, 2005

Together, forever...

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"...and I give you my hand, my life and my love."

Serene, romantic, blissful - a fairytale wedding. Two little girls, dressed in shocking pink gowns, with colorful ribbons tied around their waists twirl round and round to show off their dresses. Bridesmaids in blue satin dresses stand close to the little girls, watching the ceremony, smiling, crying, celebrating; soothing melody from the harp mingle with the sounds of nature...the sounds and the colors titillate the senses. The princess in the fairytale walks demurely towards her prince; eyes forget the kaleidoscope of colors, smitten now by the vision in white, by the love, the delicate anxiety mixed with happiness, by the finality of each step drawing her closer to her destiny.

"...from this day long as we both shall live."

An altar stands in the midst of the green landscape, an entrance to a world of happiness and companionship, an entrance marking the union of two souls, daring to dream together...the breeze caresses the colorful ribbons tied around the altar, pink, orange and red - the colors of love, roses wherever the eyes, is in the air.

She smiles, crying, as she whispers "I do", he cannot hide the glow of pride on his cheeks as he gently slips the ring around her fingers.

"You may now kiss the bride."

They kiss and the touch of their lips seal their vows and proclaim their union to the world.

...and yet another short story, inspired by this wedding :)


kamal said...

wow :)

virumandi said...

'an entrance marking the union of two souls, daring to dream together...'

poeple really believe this and gets carried long as these two dont happen..or they dont try to make them will be a happy union..

RS said...

To virumandi: True...sometimes we dream knowing that the dreams are unreasonable...but that's just the way human beings are :)

RO said...

RO, I LOVE IT!! And to think that we inspired you! Thank you so much, you brought tears to my eyes. ;-)

RS said...

Hey Rayna, Thanks :)

Anonymous!! said...

I liked your blogs..too confusing sometimes, too simple sometimes..May be a swinging pendulum!! But, Maan, you are a good story teller!

- An anonymous( I cant be otherwise)who ended up in your blogsite by sheer madness!!

RS said...

To anonymous!!: Not sure why you can't be otherwise but thanks :)

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