May 16, 2005

Everybody loves...

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And once again, I bid farewell to a long time companion; my tears have hardly dried from an earlier heart-wrenching separation and here I go again...

The 210th episode of Everybody loves Raymond aired today and after nine years of Ray's antics, Debra's wifely am-going-to-kill-you look, Marie's meddlesome interruptions, Frank's laugh-out-loud comments and a nonchalance that women should never attempt to understand, Robert's quirks...and much more, they said goodbye and I lost yet another Old Faithful. I remember when the final episode of Friends aired on TV, I actually cried with them! Eleven years of Ross-loves-Rachael/Rachael-does-not-love-Ross and for eleven years, I continued to fall more in love with them!

Funny how attached one (read I) can grow to some of these me crazy but I will miss them like I miss a friend, a funny friend who can make me laugh whenever I am with him and make me forget my boring excuse-for-a-life and its associated trivialities! Can't believe am actually writing this, I remind myself of many of those mamis back in India who would watch Chithiii on TV, eyes glued to the screen, tears streaming down their face and feeling what chithi feels and for those few moments, their concept of reality is what they see and not what they actually are!

As an aside - Ray Romano said "For nine years, I have spent every ounce of my creative energy on this and now...there is a void in my life" or something to that effect; I can imagine...


Vasu Venkat.K said...

I read about this show comming to an end in yet another blog too; alas being in India we only have to watch tearful "mega serials".
I hope this show will be aired in any one of our channels atleast in the next decade.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Everybody loves Raymond too...fortunately they have DVDs covering till the 3rd season (?) at least, so bit of a consolation there...:).


dinesh said...

Yes. Definitely one of my favorites. But there's lots I haven't seen, so the re runs will keep me busy !

Frank - is my favorite sitcom character. I thought of Joey or George. But to me, Frank beats them hands down. You are right about how women should never try to understand his attitude. Men should never try to emulate it as well. I won't miss Ray or Debra that much because, there's a couple in Lex, that keep reminding me of them :)

Venky said...

Ohh!! boy I agree. I love the sitcom. Esp. Frank I think he is hilarious! But you know what I can watch most seasons atleast 5 times before I'd probably get bored. Sometimes I watch some seasons I have watched before waiting for that hilarious part esp. because I know when thats gonna come!!
Do I make sense?

RS said...

To Vasu, I remember watching "friends" in India long back, not sure if it's still aired.

To KP: and pass that along once you are done!

To Dinesh: "The couple in Lex" being you and her :)) ?

To Venky: Completely! I watch the reruns for the same reason!

Prabz said...

so onething is for clear.. girls cry.. doesnt matter if its a eye-itching chithi or a fun-frolickin' friends.. :)
but hey.. on the brighter side.. it keeps airing..

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