May 05, 2005

Kadai solren, kelu!

The whimsical raconteur has a story to tell you.

Kind of related to this post.


Anonymous said...

Ramya, that blog doesn't allow comments from poor anonymous(es) like us (and also a no nymous) ;)... I hope that is not what u want...

I am definitely home sick now...So much so that I am even thinking of our old Vespa...will post a comment after I recover...


a no nymous said...

"She thoughtfully and methodically twines and smoothens out the end of her soft cotten saree."

How uniquely Indian... :)
I can almost see her in my mind. The saree is probably some shade of red... And she probably has a waist long wavy (it just HAS to be wavy, not curly... wavy) hair that she oiled and braided earlier that morning... And she's leaning against a gate-post or a wall, sunlight glinting off the jewel on her nose as she looks up from her reverie, every so often, looking for him...

Is that how you see it too?
I hope you write more of that, and often :)

RS said...

To KP - Hope you have recovered now. You can post a comment on the other blog now.

To a no nymous - Yes, I see her. Now, I see her more clearly. Thank you.

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