May 04, 2005

Is Life...

  • a gradual fading of one memory to be replaced by another?

  • a progression of stages in man’s life? From tiny footsteps that pitter-patter to a doddering gait?

  • a kaleidoscope of precious moments and epiphanies?

  • a calculated risk to aspire, aim and achieve?

  • a series of events linked together, a Gordian knot of sorts, weaved by divine hands?

  • a manifestation of trivialities entwined inextricably around the ultimate truth?

  • a feeble attempt by man to solve one conundrum after another, playfully dispersed to him by Him?

  • just you and me?

  • a motley web of passion, angst, love, sorrow and all that can be felt not seen?

  • one entity, lost in a sea of entities, revolving around and reacting to a few other such entities?

  • in soulful eyes that you drown in,
    broken hearts that break yours,
    charming gestures that draw you,
    skilful hands that entrance you,
    dimpled cheeks that make you smile,
    pursed lips that make you wonder,
    contenances that captivate you,
    souls that are so like yours?

  • Sorry about the cloying douse there, got carried away...on a lighter vein,

Or…is life just one blogging entry after another :) ?


Zeppelin said...


aweseme topic and very well written....

just wanted to add something.. on a lighter note.. life is like "avial"... :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Arun, I wanted to say avial too...and u already posted a comment...coincidence or what...anyway, Ramya I think life a combination of all that u've said at various stages...


Prabu Karthik said...

Hmm. Is Life about finding ourselves happy and perceiving others as happy at some point of time and then struggling to capture that happiness. One moment life is fulfilled, the next its gone.

Subha said...

It is all this and more! I guess ,depending on your mood, it could take on various hues and forms.

dinesh said...

Man ! you really can play with words ! Real nice job !

Anonymous said...

Yes Dinesh, I agree.

General announcement: All, if u know of someone preparing for GRE/GMAT suggest them to read Ramya's blogs :).


dinesh said...

To add to my previous comment...

When I see your choice of words, I feel like I am reading a P.G Wodehouse novel or watching a George Carlin stand up show. Although the content is very different, the common factor is the ability to play with words and leave the ordinary amazed.

Muthukumar Puranam said...

who knows..probably just "Vengayam"..urichi paatha onnum illa..athu theriya urika venum.

Anonymous2 said...

'Life' as it is has been given a 1001 definitions and more by people. But, still life is all about the 'liver'. As long as life keeps its motley surprises coming and the liver's curiosity alive it is all good.

I feel by living it without much expectations from it, one can feel constantly rewarded just for taking the journey of life. (easier said !)

Zeppelin said...

@ muthu,

if you have seen the movie "Shrek", there's a dialogue were Shrek says, "Ogres are like onions....they have layers..."..So life is like that too..

also onions are included in almost every day dish that we (indians) prepare..

adhunaala vengayatha avalavu saadharanama nenaika koodadhu... :)

cheers !

RS said...

To phil, kp - thanks :)

To Dinu - when I think I should stop writing, I will revisit your comments :) Thank you.

To Prabu Karthik, Subha: Indeed!

To PB, anon2: Did not quite think of life this way until now :)

a no nymous said...

... is one circumambulation around God. It takes seven around a holy fire to be one with your soul mate. How many does it take to be one with God?

What follows is dedicated to Shri Tyaagaraaja's krithi "Raama Nannu Brovara" ("Raama, save me"):

Life is an offering, at the feet of the Holy Father,
I cannot offer a blossom, only this wilted flower.

(What I wrote was originally in Telugu. This is only a very rough translation. If there's interest, I'll post the original alongwith a better translation).

sb said...

To add to what Dinesh said, I mean how could you do that on a daily basis?
Hmmmmmm. ennala peru moochu dhan vida mudiyardhu. :-)
inga ennada na orthan avial molaga bajji nu pesindu irukkan?!?!?!?!

RS said...

To a no nymous: Do post the original and the translation. If someone who understands Telugu reads both, they will be able to fully appreciate it.

To Sujan: Thanks!

ennala peru moochu dhan vida mudiyardhu. :-)

When I see you, Arun or Dinesh on stage doing your magic thingie with those instruments, thats exactly what I do!

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