May 10, 2005


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At 16, she looked at the tawny note with a barely legible scrawl on it that read “Your eyes are like the moon, I can stare into them all day long…” and thought that was love.

At 18, she ran into him by chance at the bookstore and in the few extra moments that his eyes lingered on hers, her heart raced and she thought that was love.

At 20, their hands touched for a second, as they walked and talked about nothing and everything and she thought she was in love.

At 22, she cradled her phone on her neck and discussed life and relationships with him in her small dorm room well into the night and much later when she fell asleep, she dreamt that they were in love.

At 24, he was her friend and then her confidant. She shared with him her aspirations and ambitions, fears and dejections, her past and present and she knew in her anchor, she had found love.

At 26, they made bright plans for life; they saw the future as two pairs of eyes belonging to the same soul and brick by brick built their home and their love.

At 28, they worriedly counted 10 small fingers and 10 small toes and in the relieved tears that glistened on their cheeks, love shone like a beacon...


BUS said...

I think what we consider "Love" changes as we grow old.

Anonymous said...

I thought as we get older, we get disillusioned with love.
very good post.

RTD2 said...

Very's comforting to see that someone else has noticed these changes :) Btw, anonymous, I think as we get older, we get disillusioned with the filmi, commercial, ABC family channel's, roses-mean-he-loves-me idea of love, not the idea of love per se.Which is a good thing too!

Prabu Karthik said...

you r right rtd2. what you say makes sense.

btw, 'the anonymous' was me.

Prabu Karthik said...

btw not related to this post

Ramya, why cant you make a better website for your lexington tamil cultural assn?

sb said...

Good one again!!! i kind of disagree with the rail of thoughts in the above thread. Love, I believe is a genuine feeling, of course in different forms. There is no illusion to it. I fel it just undergoes some kind of evolution, but at every stage it is real.
At 25 we seek romance, at 35 we seek companionship, at 45 we seek security, at 60 we seek support. But every single feeling is genuine.

RS said...

To Bus: true...I guess that's also part of what I tried to portray here.

To Prabu, rtd2: Thanks.

To Prabu: about the website...umm...point noted.

To Sujan: You just voiced what I was thinking of when I wrote this post, but much more clearly. Thanks.

Zeppelin said...


I feel love manifests in various forms across the ages... some of the forms might be affection, devotion, friendship, sympathy, empathy and lots more.... also I think tamil language is more expressive of these various forms than english, wherein we use "love" for everything.... (english also has all these words i guess..)

nowadays, people tend to use the word "love" without even probably understand the "context" in which they are using it and they subconsciously believe that love is a feeling which is the same to everybody...

I think the beauty of LOVE lies in its variety... it could be a parent's love towards his/her child.. a person's love towards a person of the opposite sex - be it lust or romance... it still is love... well, the list goes on..

hope my essay makes sense.. :)

cheers !

dont know if you implied exactly this..

RS said...


Your essays always make sense to me. My post was a small subset of what you say here...what I tried to convey was something as simple as how our perception of what love is changes as we mature, but at different points in life, we somehow have ourselves convinced that that is what LOVE is, until we reach a more understanding, more powerful phase of love itself.

Zeppelin said...


sokkaa sonne kannu... super... :)

Satheesh R said...


I donno how I missed this before, but this piece was sweet ! Love remains the same, but the way we perceive it is ever-changin !
Zep, nicely elaborated pal.

Prabhu has written on kinda related lines here, if you wanna take a peek ;) here

RS said...

Hey Satheesh, Thanks! Hmm..wouldn't say Prabhu's post is related much to this one though...

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