March 22, 2005


Today I read something that brought things into perspective for me. Here I was writing about men and women and many such trivialities while in some other distant part of this world - men and women are fighting for their lives, for their freedom, struggling to achieve something big, to realise their lifelong dreams...and in comparison, I suddenly realised how very small I was and my thoughts were in the grand scheme of things. The skilful weaver above who weaved this web of joy and misery, anticipation and frustration, life and probably laughing at me and my meaningless thoughts, wondering where he had gone wrong in creating us, while here I am, lost in my own selfish little world, worrying about things that will definitely not make people all around me happy leave alone feeding the hungry mouths of this world.

I guess what am trying to express is helplessness, life goes on sailing smoothly and suddenly a storm capsizes eveything that we had cherished and held precious in our little boat and we are left adrift in the sea wondering about our life and praying with fervour that we be given a second chance to live life the way it should be lived - joyously and peacefully, thanking the weaver above for the wonderful fabric that he has woven around us, thanking him for our good health, our good life and for our loved ones and their love that surrounds us like a shield, a bouquet of good wishes protecting us from ourselves.

A "thank you" to You, from me for making sure my boat is still sailing...


kamal said...

wow :)

BUS said...

interesting...but how do u say this is helplessness...i wld say thankfulness...and may be we need not be helpless and may be can do sthg ...not sure how tho.

but anywayz this reminds me of a passage from "Holy Cow". This australian lady goes to visit one of the villages in India and she is shocked by what she sees: lack of proper food and water, no decent place to live but yet she notices that people living there are not as sad as she feels. Infact they are happy. She is confused and asks them about it. One of the villagers comes up to her and tells her "You foreigners look at people higher in status than u...u see big big bungalows, huge cars etc and yearn for those things ...this makes u not feel happy most of the times...but we people look at the others lower than us who do not get atleast a meal a day, do not have a decent place to live and we Thank God that we are not in that situation and Thank Him for giving us what we have...That is why we are Happy!!!"

I think there is some truth to what is said in the sense that : depending on whom we compare ourselves to we feel happy/thankful ( as in this blog of urs) or unhappy/annoyed ( as in ur what women want blog of urs :-) ).

RS said...

Helpless - because thats how I felt after reading Rathish's blog today (A request for prayer).

BUS said...

i understand...let us all pray for her.

Subha said...

RS, been there..done that. Life goes on with/without us...

Sujan Balachandran said...

Hi Ramya,
This is Sujan. I am not sure if you remember me, I played the drums for your "Thamizh Sangam" a couple of years back. Arun fwd this blog to me and his comments. This is a topic which I cannot resist commenting from, and thus my comments.

In this world, there does not exist anything that is absolute. Same
holds good for "Helplessness". You have no idea of what the effects of
your actions are. This, I am not refering to any Vidhi or karma, is a
mathematical concept called white noise and theory of Chaos. The wit
of Isac Newton that "Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction"
extends nly to the bounds of quntifiable deterministic mechanics.
There is something indeterministics with every action that can only be
explained through the theories of probability and Chaos. A classic
example is " A butterfyl flap in southern Florida can bring a tornado
in Japan". There is a physical quantity called Entropy, which
scientists have not figured out a way to measure in absoluteness. This
unmeasured disturbance leads to what is commonly called as white noise
in Mathematics, that leads to lot of "Reactions" which extends beyond
the Newtanian ghost.
Thus said in Gita,
"KarmanEva adhikarasthe ma phaleshu kathachan ...."
Which means do not feel helpless or exhasparated, since the bounds of
your intellect and knowledge is very limited for you to understand
your own actions. So be honest in your actions and leave the rest to

RS said...

I do remember you from Sangamam.

Every sentence of what you have
written suggests a depth that my thinking has not even tried to get close to, whether it is the white noise or entropy or the reference to the Geetha.

Thats why its surprising that I do understand what you have said.


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