March 31, 2005


Like pliable clay in a potter's hand, this one word, Devotion, has come to acquire different shapes in different minds. The one specific aspect of devotion that I am interested in is the simple connection that unifies the known with the Unknown, the powerless with the Powerful, the fathomable with the Unfathomable, the finite with the Infinite, man with God.

Why discuss such a loaded concept? Because a few incidents the past few weeks have left some nagging, unanswered questions, that I would like to revisit. I was with a group of people, each of us participating in several lively discussions in turns, when I mentioned my visit to the temple. I recall having said something to the effect of "I am sure God doesn't expect us to talk to him in hushed, revered tones, bowing down and prostrating in front of him all the time; infact He might equally well, if not to a greater extent, appreciate us talking to Him like we talk to our friends, confiding in him, sharing our secrets with Him and expressing our faith in Him" Having said what I considered was something that needed little analysis, I settled down to continue our other discussions. I realized very soon that I was being greeted by more than a few blank and skeptical expressions. One voice piped up, with an unmistakable hint of skepticism "...and I suppose God told you he wouldn't mind you treating him like a friend?"

...and there I was, with no answer to give to that voice. I am not sure if I was taken aback by my inability to answer the question or because the flood of thoughts and retorts that demanded to be verbalized, flew so fast to my lips, that I remained silent. Long after I left that place, this question kept coming back to my mind, somehow disturbing me...not my faith, just me. I had the sudden urge to go back in time to answer the question that was posed to me, to establish without doubt that faith in Him will make miracles happen - miracles that we are often too self-involved to notice, miracles that lie in the really small things and moments in life - in a child's smile, in a friend's hug, in tears of love, in pangs of separation, in rain and in sunshine - miracles too many to imagine.

...and I realized I no longer felt the need to prove to that voice that there is God, I felt blessed in my knowledge, my faith that He is there, watching us and He is there all around - in us and outside - அவர் தூணிளும் இருப்பார், துரும்பிலும் இருப்பார்.


kamal said...

nee Kadavul, naan Kadavul :)

Anonymous said...

very well written:). I am happy to notice the level u have reached= be it communicating with 'The Lord' in a simple way or the confidence u have in Him that He is watching our each & every action. I am really proud to read the article. Very good! keep it up dude:). As for the above comment, idhumaadiri comment adikkaradhukku vaaya moodindu irukkalaam:).Wishingyouallthebesteverusjai:).

Subha said...

This connection is something that can only be felt. It cannot be explained, I suppose. I felt this same deep contentment and pleasure when I visited Srirangam this time around......
Kamal, romba kashtapattu tamil-la oru comment ezhudirukka..I appreciate and encourage...:)

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