March 27, 2005

Humour and envy

Humour and envy. Sounds contradictory? It wont after I fill in a little bit of background. Yesterday, I was watching Sai Santosh's talk during Sangamam for the umpteenth time; the surprising fact is that I don't tire of watching it. It's fresh and laugh-out-loud-funny each time I watch it. Humour, such a simple concept and yet so very difficult to create, without sounding contrived or derisive. I envy people who can make other people laugh, it is a blessing. You and I, we have so many worries that fill our minds, so many apprehensions that tug our hearts and if someone can make us laugh, can make us forget ourselves and our worries and can transport us to his make-believe world of funny people and funny incidents...well, I never cease to be amazed. For once, I wish I were born with this uncanny ability to make people happy, to make them's not got much to do with the adulation, the applause, the admiration that this ability brings forth in people, as a consequence; it has more to do with just the fact that I can entertain and make a person smile - the middle aged chubby maami who sits worrying about her son's board exams, the thatha who knits his brows in worry wondering when his son would come to visit him with his grandson again, the teenage girl who is scared to death of making a public speech at her convocation, or someone like me obsessing with the software code change that I think will bring the whole IT network crashing - doesn't matter who you are - he can make you laugh and for that one instant when you laugh out loud, you are not the worried thatha or the anxious teenager, you are a bystander, an onlooker enjoying the comical antics of imaginary characters in funny-land and you have absolutely nothing to worry you - you are laughing and you are enjoying the moment - and that is what places comedians like Sai, a whole level above us mortals and for that, I bow down to them - gratefully. Lets not forget the envy bit though, I am envious but for now I am just grateful that I am that person laughing out loud, with not a thing to be worried about!


Dinesh said...

Good post ! I have the ability to make a person smile, should make you feel better about yourself. I wish I had that ability !

Muthukumar Puranam said...

The problem in trying to become humorous is you cannot become by trying. Probably either one has to be total carefree or completely confident to do such things..else we will have to score fail grade when dins ranks our jokes after it is

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