March 27, 2005

My favourite love scenes...

In no particular order,

  • Mouna Ragam - Screen picturized in pouring rain, Revathi notices Karthik waiting down with his bike just because she had asked him not to go, she opens the window fully to see if her eyes are playing tricks on her, and runs down.
    She asks him "எனக்காகவா?"
    He says "எதோ சின்ன பொண்ணு, மனசு கஷ்ட பட கூடாதேன்னு..."
    The look of amusement and mischievousness in his eyes and that of relief and love on her face convey a kind of chemistry that is hard to recreate.

  • Alaipayuthey - The last scene in the hospital, Madhavan's eyes are red and tired of crying and after many agonizing moments, Shalini opens her eyes and smiles at him and finally says the three words he has been waiting to hear for a lifetime, "I love you".

  • ThillanaMohanambal - Can't beat Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini in the train - they carry on a conversation without speaking a single word, their eyes doing the talking for them; while Sivaji Ganesan communicates much more than what words can just by the curl of his lips, Padmini matches him with her raised eyebrows dancing in reply. A scene that holds the viewer in awe of how something unreal can seem so real.

  • Punnagai Mannan - Kamal Hassan and Revathi dance to the tune of love, of celebration and of life. As Ilayaraja's music courses through your soul, they dance to it - an unconstrained and abandoned dance that only love can play the music to.

  • Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge - Palpable chemistry between SRK and Kajol in the scene where he reveals to her that he was kidding about what transpired between them the previous night. A light hug and yet we see sparks flying.

  • Azhagiya Theeye - Yet another last scene - the camera angle dances beautifully between Prasanna's tear filled eyes and Navya Nair's face showing a whole range of emotions - confusion, empathy and finally, realization. "Boom" indeed.

  • When Harry met Sally - Again, the climax of the movie, I don't recall the dialogues exactly but I know nobody could have described the crinkle on her forehead, among other things, more poetically than Billy Crystal did for Meg Ryan.

There are many more (The post-car-race scene between SRK and Kajol in Baazigar, scenes from the Negotiator and I am sure I will add to this list as I watch yet another scene that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. So, what's your favourite?


BUS said...

Beautiful Mind - Climax of the movie, Russell Crowe during his nobel prize acceptance speech looks at his wife who is sitting in the audience and says sthg like "This would not have been possible without u and I love u".

Subha said...

hey Ramya, awesome post! Enjoyed it. Amongst all this, I love the Alaipayuthey scene and DDLJ the most..Another fave of mine: Jothika and Surya in Kaaka Kaaka.

RS said...

Thanks s, my favourite from the same movie: the scene where Jyothika tells Surya while opening the curtains "ippadi thaan irukanumnu naan sollala, ippadi irunda nanna irukumnu solren...", and another one - Jyo and Arjun in Rhythm when he asks her "unakku enna pidichirukka?" and she says "enakku ungala thaan pidichirukku, ungala mattum thaan pidichirukku..."

Anonymous said...

when u said 'love scenes', i immediately thot of 'thillanamohanambal';nice that u have added that scene also though the movie was as old as three decades ago:). I aremember all the other movie scenes also since i have also seen all of them & a few movies umteen timealso(think, we created a record when we went to the theater to see thillanamohanambal for the 5th time :). I am sure about one thing, u h've a good memory else how come ur able to remember these love scenes in Tamil; Hindi & Hollywood:). Nice to read. Keep writing!!!. Wishingyouallthebesteverusjai:).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

does bring in a lot of memories, this post...

How about...
Kamal proposing to Sridevi in the course of a song (sippi irukkudhu) in 'Varumaiin niram sirappu'...

Rajnikanth trying to explain his situation to Sridevi in 'Johnny' (that he cannot marry her because he has to pay off his dad's debt through his criminal activities).

Amitabh and Jaya Bhaduri in 'Sholay' - extremely subtle and poignant

And if this 'fav love scene' category also tolerates marriage, then consider this...
Satyaraj waking up before Suhasini to repair the tailoring machine (that he broke the previous day)in 'En bommukutti ammaavukku'

Can't really explain the above scenes in words, just watch the movie!
- Lakshman

sen said...

nice ones... :)

Muthukumar Puranam said...

ellam vayasu kolaraiya vayasu kolaru..

Anonymous said...

Kannathil Muthamittala vittuta eppadi...

Dinesh said...

Nice scenes.

How about "one fine day", when the 2 headstrong characters, finally talk to each other about their feelings. Although they spend the whole day falling in love with each other, their pride stops them from admitting this to the other person. Finally, ine the middle of a heated argument, Clooney, says "so what would you do if I kiss you now" and pfeiffer obviously surprised by this sudden change in direction of the argument stammers "why, do you want to ?" and clooney replies "I wouldn't have brought it up if I didn't want to". Very nice ending to an entertaining movie.

Don't know if you've seen this movie "Before Sunrise". 2 strangers meet on a train and enjoy each other's charm, and somehow the guy convinces the girl to get off with him some 1000 miles before her original destination. Only after they get off, do they trade names with each other. Afterall, what's in a name ?

RS said...
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RS said...

One nice scene that I can recall from Before Sunrise is when she says "I like his eyes on me when I look away"..."He is so cute...he kisses like an adolescent"Before Sunset gives a nice closure to the first movie.

Anonymous said...


nice blog...I think its tough and great to show love through eyes (sparks). Ennai konjam maatri song and kannathil muthamittal love scene are also the good ones.

Anonymous said...

I think the several episodes of the serial 'Penn" had great romances. My fav is perhaps the one with Amala and Nizhalgal Ravi, when the kid dies, she says 'I want a kid just like Anand, can you give me a baby just like him'.

Gowthami telling Kamalhassan in Devar Magan ' I will always love Shakti, but not you, I will love the Shakti in my mind'. It's a very painful, beautifuly acted scene that says so much about what their relationship.

Too many more pouring into my head right now.

Very nice list, great feedback.


Rathish said...

Harry: I love you.
Sally: How do you expect me to respond to this?
Harry: How about you love me too?
Sally: How about I'm leaving.
Harry: Doesn't what I said mean anything to you?
Sally: I'm sorry Harry, I know it's New Years Eve, I know you're feeling
lonely, but you just can't show up here, tell me you love me and expect that to make everything alright. It doesn't work this way.
Harry: Well how does it work?
Sally: I don't know but not this way.
Harry: Well how about this way. I love that you get cold when it's seventy
one degrees out, I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a
sandwich, I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're
looking at me like I'm nuts, I love that after I spend a day with you I can
still smell your perfume on my clothes and I love that you are the last person
I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm
lonely, and it's not because it's New Years Eve. I came here tonight because
when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you
want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible.
Sally: You see, that is just like you Harry. You say things like that and you make it impossible for me to hate you. And I hate you Harry... I really hate you. I hate you.

:) One of my favorite lines. if you need the whole script -

RS said...

...Thank you, I remembered one word of this whole dialogue - "crinkle" and yet the whole dialogue reads like someone said it to me!

Dinesh said...


The penn serial you were talking about was fantastic. It helps puts life's priorities in perspective. But I don't think it qualifies under "romantic scenes" however. But thanks for bringing memeroies of that serial again. The bst scene in that serial was the "Urulakazhangu kari, kaarama, vengaayam pottu". It brings tears to my eyes even now !

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