December 21, 2004


Is there anything in life more joyous than the pure, saintly, almost beatific smile of a child? Is there a greater joy in life than to welcome a child's spontaneous hug with open arms? Does anything in life gives us more, a sense of fulfilment than a child wrapping his little hand around your fingers as if to say, you are perfect, you are my guardian angel and you are my hero!

A child is truly a miracle, bestowed on man to teach him what he has long forgotten, to tech him what unconditional love is, to teach him to be satisfied with simple gifts of life, to teach him, what goodness is all about...

Have you ever noticed, how simple it is to please a baby? You smile at him and he is happy and smiles back at you...a profound act lost in the world of thoughtlessness and dissatisfaction...

How easy is it to engage a child's attention, to divert him when he is crying? Do we get consoled so easily? How many days of anger and self-pity do we dwell in before we cleanse ourselves of the hurt? How long and hard have we cried for our plights behind closed doors turning a deaf ear to consoling worlds and sympathetic eyes?

All he asks for is loads of love and he is happy and willing to fight the world for us and yet, why do we not learn? Why do we need uncountable things to satisfy us? to be at peace with ourselves and the world?

Take a moment to learn from this bundle of joy what it is to love, to care, to rejoice...and learn today, that indeed,
"The child is the father of man".

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