December 09, 2004

6 more working days before vacation time!!! This has been a loong and booring year and a particularly stressful one, what with dad not talking to me and mom and dad fighting all the time and me and k fighting about mom and dad are fighting and me and k fighting about dad not talking to me and what with the war in iraq....wait, the last one is not one of the reasons the year has been stressful..sorry, felt like a news reporter reporting "the year at a glance" and got carried away! interesting thing happened yesterday, an event that explains the emotional differences between man and woman, as simple as that :)
I got an email from a Ms.A at work and I thought the email was a tad rude, you know, just a little bit, so I told k about this. k, as we all know, is my boy friend - one of the reasons for the fights mentioned in the paragraph above, before the iraq war. So, anyway, I told k about this and he said "Oh come on now, you are reading too much into the email, just do what she says". So, I pondered about this for an hour and a half, during which time I didnt do much work since I was pondering (surprised, I still get paid at this place!). Finally, I replied to the email, fighting the impulse to make my response a tad rude too. I emailed clearing Ms.A's doubts and still a bit annoyed about her email. I got a response back in 2 minutes! Ms.A said "Oh sorry, I think you misunderstood what I was talking about, I meant xyz and not abc!". So, there you go, I was right and k was wrong. The woman proves that she is emotionally more umm...let me get back to you on that word that I want to use here, lets call it "I" for now. The woman proves that she is emotionally more "I" than the man, that didnt quite sound like I wanted it to sound. there, I proved a point. Men tend to take things too lightly, not get affected by ANYTHING and just react less altogether, I just cannot understand that! How can you not be annoyed at a rude email?! How can you not be annoyed at men?!!!

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