December 07, 2004

OK, this is the nth time that I am trying to blog some of my random thoughts, and hopefully this wont be another one of my painful, time consuming and unsuccessful attempts to create a mind-blowing blog and get recognized for it. Do I really want to get recognition through my blogs? hmm...I dont know, that will be kind of cool...oh, come on now! Who is going to recognize a blog that says "that will be kind of cool..."..."kind of", 2 words that I think should never be used in any decent conversation...another such word "like"...I mean, how does this sound? "You know, I mean like, it would kind of cool, like, if you, like..."....yes, I second that (although I first(ed?) it also :)), is that a word? can you first something like you second it? Well, now thats a decent sized first blog, more later!


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