December 10, 2004

Its 3:13 PM, Kentucky time and am sitting at work twiddling my thumbs and counting the number of movies that I HAVE to watch this weekend. Its 3.14 Kentucky time now... incase you didnt notice, I have the habit of specifying time with the State I am in. After having lived in India for 20 years and then here for 4 years and with friends in the west coast and one in Arizona, I have completely given up trying to keep track of time! I mean, its 3:14 here, 2:14 or is it 4:14 in Chicago?! Its 1:14, now 1:15 in California and Arizona has this weird ego issue, it doesnt do this daylight saving thing, so, its umm...2:14 I think, actually 4:14...ok I dont get this. I know its a nice concept, this day light saving thing and this whole different time thing but it makes everything more confusing like we dont have enough to make us go crazy!

Speaking of crazy, I finished reading "The mango season", could relate to it 1.5% and
rest couldn't. I just cannot bad mouth India just because I have stayed here for
a couple of years. Well, maybe after 8, just kidding. I wont do it or atleast try not to do it.

This blog has been one disorganized, ugly blog, thanks to all the javascript that
I am trying to write, oh, I AM still at work and its 5:11 Kentucky time now, so going to call it a day and a night, in India...

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