December 13, 2004

The first few snow flakes of the year fell was magical...who am I kidding?! I hate snow. The first time I saw snow here (in 2000), I went crazy with joy, it was beautiful and I was thrilled to play in it, smack people with snow balls and cycle in the snow but now after 4 years, yeah it looks lovely, when you are inside the house, snuggled in a nice warm robe with a book in hand and an extra-large mug of steaming hot chocolate by the side!

Anyway, the point of my blog today (and as DeGeneres says, "and I do have one...") is this - Are Girls relationship-control-freaks?

From what I have noticed about relationships here, I see that its mostly girls who get their way. "Their way" ranges from only seeing the movie that they want to see, eating only at the places they want to eat, to making their guys do all the house work including cooking! How healthy is such a relationship and will it survive? Well, here's my take on the issue - I think any relationship is healthy as long as the girl and the guy involved continue to respect and be courteous to each other. I mean the world is never happy with any relationshiop, if the guy does everything the girl bids, the guy is a spineless-doormat. If the guy doesnt do this - he is an MCP. I mean, how can the poor guy win? The solution is simple - forget what the world things (easier for guys to do than girls, believe me!) - recently, I saw a couple whom (or who - ok, I am not perfect!) I thought were perfect for each other and 6 months later, they had broken up. I mean, life is never a bed of roses without the thorns (God, I hate using cliche's) - it always look better to you since you are on this side of the grass, I mean the green side of the grass, I mean "The grass is always greener on the other side" (safe bet - use cliche's - you do not have to worry about grammar and punctuation, although I noticed that I got my apostrophe wrong in "cliche's", but was too lazy to go all the way back and correct it!) - you probably have a really sweet and strong relationship going on with your guy - dont spoil it by taking a peek at other relationships, which are probably not as great as yours!

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