January 03, 2005

On First Love...

First love and first crush - two emotions (sometimes one?) that one does not forget stays behind in a small recess in our minds, our hearts, unmindful of further events that try to push it into oblivion. That feeling- my pulse quickening, blood rushing to my cheeks despite my desperate efforts to push back the color rushing to my face - cannot be forgotten easily...ever. Everyone has gone through this same chaos of feelings sometime in their lives; feelings that are proudly disclosed if the same guy (girl) is with them still, feelings that are covertly hidden if they are with someone else. Often first love (crush) tends to be unreasonable - feelings for someone who is just not right for you, feelings for someone who stands diametrically apart from you on everything - but first love is just that, just an irrational subset of emotions belonging to the larger, more inclusive set called Love. Its not something that one should dwell upon, ponder upon forever; its something that one should enjoy while it lasts and then recollect it much later in their lives, sometimes unexpectedly and rejoice in the feeling.

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