May 02, 2006

The perfect moment.

Have you experienced the perfect moment? Maybe not with the perfect person or while in a perfect relationship, but still perfect? I think fate, destiny, big guy up there, whatever you would like to call it, has painted a perfect moment with every two people in existence. Probability determines if their perfect moment will occur or not (Yes, I am reading God's Debris now :) So take you and the girl who sat next to you in tenth grade, whom you had a tiny bit of crush on but now are not aware of her existence at most times, I bet He charted out a perfect moment between both of you, just that it never happened and so, she is right now driving her minivan to Walmart while chiding her four-year old about his eating manners while you are sitting with your Mac on your lap and reading this post :)

Sometimes though, the perfect moment does occur and you suddenly get a glimpse into the person talking to you, a shadow of hidden sensitivity, romantic musings peeping out from heavy curtains, a child-like innocence about him that you had failed to notice earlier...perhaps, it drizzles outside, mellow and friendly, perhaps the setting rays of the sun make his eyes look almost golden-brown and you hadn't looked into them closely enough, perhaps what he is saying makes more sense to you than what anyone else has ever said to you in a while or perhaps you both share a smile because you find the same insignificant incidents funny...

Maybe the person plays no significant role in your life now or perhaps the relationship is all but forgotten, buried among several others that have taken precedence, but you know that the moment passed, you both shared it and it was perfect. You would not want to change a thing about it.

So, I tried to think of my perfect moments (because there are a whole bunch of imperfect moments in my life now, most of them concerning our car) and I came up with - a telephone conversation that lasted almost four hours well into the night - a talk that covered old friends and new ones, crushes and college stories, the past and the future; yet another long girly telephone conversation, I was probably fifteen then(finally my mom made me disconnect the call), the perfect compliment given to me in an auditorium as I rushed past with a thanks, hardly registering it then (well, more of a perfect moment for me); an email that answered a question that had seemed very important to me back then; a smile shared in the dark blue light thrown by the movie screen at a joke that I cannot recall now; an inspiration, a wink, a few words...

And I know even if these have passed and may never happen in quite the same way again, many more are yet to happen, waiting to surprise me (and until the car gets its catalytic converter and other parts that I cannot name, these are the kind of random posts you are going to get from me :)


Parth said...

Sure. Your most perfect moments never occur in the moment. You need a big set of imperfect moments to realise the importance of what you just missed

Viji said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. Nice post... :)

dinesh said...

Ha ! Aren't those what we live for ? Those perfect moments ? Yes, sometimes we're just plain lucky to have those perfect moments, and for us to have the realization that it was indeed perfect, savor them, store them and lock them in our hearts forever !

I think I know one of those..the auditorium one, if I am not wrong !

Does this sound familliar ?

Anonymous said...

Kaadhal sonna kaNamae
Adhu kadavuLai kanda kaNamae...
Kaatraai parakkudhu manamae!!!

- verse from the song "Ale Ale..." from the 2003 Tamil-language motion picture "Boys". Lyrics by Kapilan.

RS said...

parth - Exactly :) Wish we were made not need the imperfections to make us appreciate the perfections which have already passed!

viji - thanks :)

dinesh - I think I told you about the auditorium one :)

Yes, sounds familiar, we keep going around in circles, revisiting similar thoughts sometimes!

anon - as perfect a moment as can be :)

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