April 30, 2006


So, we finally got a carrom board, after talking about it for ages. (k thought the one at the local Indian store was not good enough! - talk about being picky), we finally bought the board at a moving sale (it's from Chicago, the lady said, so it's got to be better quality, k figured :).

This weekend was quite lazy. We didn't do much except eat at Airport food mart again, eat Paav Bhaji (thanks to B~&P~), watch "Being Cyrus" and play carrom. It turns out all dads are champion carrom players - my dad, P's dad, atleast now we know what we will play when they are here and it's raining outside.

k got so excited about the carrom board, the last I heard, he was discussing with someone about the possibilities of packing the board off to our campsite (our first camping trip, sometime in June), earlier today P~ was asking about taking the microwave to our campsite, I don't mind carrying my laptop know, just roughing it out and all that, yup, we believe in a sense of "true" adventure - breathe in the fresh pine-scented air, play dead when bears come out after our food, make fire by rubbing sticks together and have a hot cup of microwaved coffee in the morning :)


IBH said...

first camping? u are sure to enjoy it! now with this pregnancy thing not sure when and how i will be able to do camping :)

but u sure can take this board! it will be extremley helpful! i always carried some sort of board games while we camp!but this one shuld be huge though :)

Parth said...

"Being Cyrus" was interesting to watch. I haev been planning to get a carrom board from Vancouver for ages. So have my friends. Hasn't materialized yet.

Prabhu said...

1 carrom board and 15 people :)
sooper ippove team poda vendiyathu thaan.

RS said...

ibh - yup! Hope all's well with the baby (have you picked a name yet? - daunting task, that :)

parth - Yes, interesting and very, am all set to become a carrom champion :)

prabhu - lol! Prabhu, I remember that you also had a carrom board, so correction - 2 carrom boards and 15 people :)

kamal said...

O Man!, seriously we can play carrom at the camp, if it does not rain. I will keep the board in the car just in case it does.

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