May 18, 2006

Just like that!

I have to, have to finish reading Da Vinci Code a second time before tomorrow because we are going to see the movie tomorrow and I am only on page 40!


Visits to the dentist are turning out to be fun nowadays. This time the dentist asked us how long we were married and then he said, "Oh just six months, so, you guys actually like each other still? That will change soon!" And then we both grinned while silently panicking inside. Atleast I did.


"How Opal got kissed..." reminded me of my College days. Of course, no similarity between my College days and what happened in the book but still, a teenager narrating her College traumas and high points reminded me of Bits and my teenage life in general. So, on a whim, I wrote a campus love story, just like that. It's not a great story or anything but just something that left me satisfied once I finished it. Don't ask me why. Some of you bitsians out there might recognize the setting ;)


Scrapbooking is fun. I have always wanted to try it out and I am finally making my own scrapbook now! Yay! I kind of lost it in the n aisles dedicated just to scrapbooking at the local Michaels store. I wanted to buy everything in those aisles!


Parth said...

I finished Da Vinci Code in preparation. Glad to know I am not the only one 'readying' for movies like this :-)

Gayatri said...

hey...nice story! Sheesh...some anonymous dude got all touchy about the story!! I don't think people who are too chicken to let their identities known should be allowed to "critique" anyone else's work :)'s everything else?!

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey RS,
Enjoyed the story _a lot_ !!

Touched some chords.

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Ramya
Btw did you participate in the Google Quest? I am surprised you havent talked about it :)

Prabhu said...

Had you bought everythng in the aisles the dentists words would have come true! -- Kidding!

I sometimes wonder where do you have so much time to do stuff!
Padam eppdi iruku-nu sollu.

Kumari said...

Hey, I want to try out scrap booking too. One reason why The Mr refuses to take me to Michaels at all :p

Do let me know how well the scrapbook turns out. I've bought the colored papers but I cant understand the instructions on the web :)

Kaps said...

it is better if u see the movie before reading the book....atleast you won't have high expectations.

RS said...

parth - I didnt finish my revision...200 more pages to go, but I did like the movie :)

gg - Besides da vinci code, nothing much, same old, work and back, someone's birthday is coming up soon ;)

saranya - glad! Lets all go back to bits :p I did read about google quest but didnt get a chance to participate :(

prabhu - vetti people like me find time to do vetti stuff :) Movie was good, me liked!

Kumari - About scrapbooking, I am kinda doing it my style :) I bought a scrapbook at Michaels (they have an aisle full of scrap books), you can pick the sheets you want to add to the scrap book and then I bought a whole bunch of cute buttons, ribbons, color all thats left to be done is for me to write on the paper and stick fotos on them at random, will post pics after k's birthday (thats his "surprise" gift)

kaps - usually, thats the case. But I liked this movie...although I did catch a few discrepancies, thought they did a good job!

Hellboy said...

"Oh just six months, so, you guys actually like each other still? That will change soon!"
It just occurred to me. I guess this is a Dentist's tactics. If the Dentist say something scary like this the patient will start thinking about the bigger scare raised by the Dentist. This way the mind will wander off, making the pain of the procedure a little less.

If it’s not that, then we should consider the comment as a bad attempt at being humorous by him :)

RS said...

hellboy - thats a nice way of looking at it, but now I'll think of this and actually fail to get distracted :)

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