May 31, 2006

Economics and Shopping and Patio furniture!

Shopping. Do you know how to say that? You have to stress on the "p" and forget the "g", so, it reads more like "shopppppin"! Now that we know how to pronounce it, we can proceed to the story of why I hate shopping for patio furniture. I'll tell you why:

1. Either the furniture explodes
2. Or they are sold out
3. Or they only are available fully assembled

Anyway, the story with our old patio furniture was that it had kind of exploded on us, I mean literally exploded into little pieces. They tell us glass expands in summer. Duh! As if we didn't know that! Still, we bought a patio table with a glass top which promptly expanded and burst. One night we had a nice, blue tinted patio set sitting outside peacefully, the next afternoon it lay in small bits in our back yard. So, we took pictures and took the chairs and the table frame and asked Lowes for an exchange. I think the guy at Lowes was kind of shocked to see the pictures and gladly gave our money back.

This time we went to Lowes looking for a patio set that wouldn't explode and we saw the cutest swing set sitting there. It was love at first sight but before we could do our little family-happy-dance, we made out the word SOLD in bold written across the canopy. So, we asked one of the Lowes employees when the next batch would arrive. "Umm...I don't know but I can tell you if the Lowes at Richmond carries these. These pieces are selling like hot cakes." We were disappointed but willing to fight it out and so we waited for him.

"The Lowes at Richmond carries four of these!"

Yipppee. So, we rushed to the Richmond Lowes, a replica of the Lowes at Nicholasville and there it was, our cute little swing set, swinging gently in the wind. So, we rushed inside the store to pick up our packaged swing set before they also sold like hot cakes and we didn't find any. We went straight to customer service and dragged a guy who looked knowledgeable aside, "We can't find any of the cute swing sets!"

"Umm...yeah, these come assembled. We recently sold a bunch of them. You can rent a truck and take them as they are!"


"Yeah, it's like $19 for an hour and a half...if you rent a truck, that is..."

Yeah, we got that.

So, I put on my best i-am-a-lost-but-cute-puppy-look and turned to k.


"But I really like the swing set."

"If you look at economically, it's a bad deal."

Huh? The way I am looking at it now, it sounds like a cute deal to me and quite economical at $69. I really have to improve my lost-puppy look.

"But this is perfect, I can make tea for us and you can read your fin magazines while sitting in the swing..."

I imagined making tea in a nice, hand painted tea pot (Bed, Bath & Beyond has really cute ones) and serving them in matching little cups and saucers (we got a set for our wedding reception and they are really cute although the cups are really small, each holds about 4 spoonfuls of tea)...I broke out of my reverie at his emphatic no.

"No. We can't spend 1/3rd of the cost on shipping, it's just not wise."

So, I turned to the wise Lowes man, "So, how much do you charge for shipping?"

"'s really a better idea to get a truck..."

"And if you ship it?"

"It costs $60 ma'am."

Now, that's "economical". $60 shipping for $69 swing set.

And so, I walked out of Lowes hating shopppin and economics and patios in general. Maybe if we buy a new sofa set also, I can convince k to rent a truck...or maybe, as one of our office colleagues suggested, we can buy a truck. That's $30,000 for a $69 swing set but hey, we save on shipping and we can always transport mulch, that's what he tells us :)


Saranya Kishore said...

LOL! :--) Enjoyed reading this one.
$69 for a swing set is cheap no?

Subha said...

LOL! I liked the buying a truck idea...:)

Prabhu said...

"So, I put on my best i-am-a-lost-but-cute-puppy-look" -- LOL :)

I feel its still a good deal.
You have to tell Kamal that it would take 3 hours of his time to assemble (had it been unassembled) and isnt his 3 hrs worth more than 20$?

IBH said...

Guys Guys!

They can never understand our needs :)!

buy him one 'somehow' he would be doing the same things...reading fin magazine swining and sipping hot cuppa tea :)

IBH said...

i guess after reading it again! u have to improve on your cute-puppy-look :)

Parth said...

You need to get to know friends who have trucks :-) We have gone through swing shopping expeditions at Home Depot/Fredmeyer/Ikea etc. and still haven't settled down on one ... the swinging goes on!

Hellboy said...

when you finally convince K to get the swing, walk him to the garden section and pick up a sapling that will be big when fully grown. i think the swing will be awesome under a full grown tree. you may have to wait sometime (5 years?) for the tree to grow though :)

Prabu Karthik said...

ennai ketta i wud've opted for a 60 for 69 offer:)
its ok to be irrational afterall...

that too once in a while..

k va finance stuff ellam padikka vidadhey....nalladukku illai:)

RS said...

saranya - exactly, I think its a great deal!

subha - :)

prabhu - ah, I have to learn to be devious like you guys!

ibh - sigh... :)

Parth - And then there is the confusion of whether a regular table/4 chair set + a swing set is too much in all but I do want a swing set and I do want a table to set my tea cup on :)

hellboy - Actually, we were just talking about buying a tree...those things are expensive too!

p~k - thats his current obsession now :(

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