May 05, 2006

Why RS hates documents.

So normally I am in a pretty unfrazzled, peaceful state, sort of like a calm Vesuvius. I look dreamily at people and things around me and in general am filled with love for the world and its inhabitants and then a few things come along, quite small if you consider their place in the whole scheme of things, and then I am calm no more!

What, you ask, are these seemingly innocent but actually vile and devilish contraptions that make my goodness vanish? I will tell you - they are called documents. I have a certain dislike for filing documents, filing taxes, filing for my H1-B, preparing my documents in order for travel to India, and although I may start with a mild dislike, it soon escalates into a bubbling, swirling ocean of hate and ill-will to the whole world in general!

You give me a "You're weird" look and wait for me to proceed. So, let me go ahead and prove you right. So, I set upon the simple task of scanning my passport and other documents for some visa related stuff. The rules insist that I scan ALL the blank pages in my passport and I do, dutifully, patiently, I might even have whistled a little tune as I swapped the paper out of the fax machine, with panache. And I scan 30 pages and return back to my desk where I anticipate that I will say a little "ta-dah!" when I receive the scanned documents. I don't say "ta-dah" though because the first page of my passport came out like this - a general black blob.

So I still manage to smile at it as if the fax machine was just playing a little trick on me and scroll down to my picture in the passport and am shocked to see a scary-chandramukhi version of me, digitally morphed and ugli-fied (yes, I make up ugly words when am angry)

I can imagine the poor lawyer who takes a look at my photo and drops the sub she holds in her hand, in alarm, and down goes the onion, tomato and all!

So then I ask wise hubby dear who seems to have somehow mastered the art of filing documents (he is positively filled with glee when its tax time) and he says, "Huh? You didn't scan them in color?"

Yes, of course, silly me, I should have known all along, scan the damn document in color, as if I had asked him, "duh, what is 10 times 10?" And so I take the silly expression on my face and my silly self back to my sorry cube to do the whole thing AGAIN!

And that, ladies and gentleman is why I hate documents. I rest my case.


kamal said...

You did not think the scanner scanned in color right? So the scanner got back at you with that picture of yours. :)

My Quote:

"Administration is an Art"

Saranya Kishore said...

Ah, I _hate_ documents too. :(
I hate filing taxes, I hate doing paperwork for H1, visa, green card and all that.
I even hate paying bills. Thank god for auto payements.
And thank god for hubbys
Nice post :)

dinesh said...

Enna thappu andha photo la ? nee nerlayum adhe maari dhaane irukke ? ;)

Prabu Karthik said...

naan kooda yedho word document/technical documentation o nu nenachen...

athukaarar irukumbodhu nee yen kavalai padarey.. take it easy:)

and dinesh super comment:))
next time RS meet panna pogumbodhu jakiradhai :)

RS said...

kamal - art...i think it is!

saranya - :)

dinesh - teriyum da ida solluva nee nu!

p~k - lol :)

RTD2 said...

Funny! I saw the picture before I read this post, and I swear I thought it was a copy of The Prophet's cover page !

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