April 07, 2006

Eppadi Irukengo? (How are you?)

"And now she is going to say, "Eppadi irukengo?" ", he mimics here, with considerable accent thought I can't quite place the accent - A southern Tam Bramish Gujarathi accent?!

And on TV, Uma says, "Eppadi irukengo?"

"Neenga eppadi irukengo?"

Echo: "Neenga eppadi irukengo?"

Sheesh! What a coincidence! He just picked the very same phrases. And the reason for this experiment is that k wanted to prove to me how predictable the Pepsi Ungal Choice or Aachi Ungal Choice or the whatever Ungal Choice programme is.

I disagree. (In my defense, earlier, I never used to be able to watch it because it overlapped with The Apprentice. Now that Apprentice is on Monday, I can watch Pepsi Uma's programme all I want.) I just wish I could make him realize how interesting this programme is (I realize pretty soon that he has a definite upper edge, especially after she echoed him!).

"Come on, see there's someone calling from Chengalpet and from Ahmedabad. Isn't that cool? She is calling from Ahmedabad. Gosh! She must be really missing Tamil programmes and speaking in Tamil!"

I am lost momentarily thinking of poor Susheela calling from Ahmedabad to request a song from Ghajini.

"What makes you think there will be no Tamil programmes or Tamil speaking people in Ahmedabad?"

"I mean the sign-boards are all in Gujarathi..."

Gawd! What a weak argument and my voice trails off unconvincingly...see, I want to tell him that this programme is like a channel for people from all over the world to bond, to communicate, a way to connect and to tell Uma how great her saree is...err, ok, I'll admit it, this programme doesn't do all that, except the last bit. Anyway, he pounces upon my weak moment.

"See, they all have the same questions to ask. How are you? We are good. How are you again? I bet she can record the same responses and they can keep playing it over again and again and noone will know!"

"Thats not fair. See, so many people are genuinely happy to talk to her! Maybe we should call her too!"

"Yeah, right"


And we both turn to watch Uma ask a maami from Madurai, "Eppadi Irukengo?"


kamal said...

For the umpteenth time its Gujarati and Gujarathi (even MS Word spell checker knows that). Anyway they must have a graphics technique to change the sari for each show, and something for the necklace and earnings.

Man! that ….

"Eppadi irukengo?"

"Neenga eppadi irukengo?"

sequence is very funny! :)

RT said...

this post is funny:-)
but i guess k is rite :-)

Prabhu said...

And you forgot the excited speaker " i have been trying to talk to you for the past 12 yrs since this program started.".

ellame eye waas thaan...

An Idiot... said...

I'll give it to K this time. May be u should try calling her and see if K can predict the course of your conversation.

Supporting your argument, there is quite a good tamil speaking public in ahemadabad (I know that 'cos I was there for 3 months)

FSN 2.2 said...

I second that - my blood group is thamizhan, but that doesn't stop me from grimacing every time Pepsi Uma comes on.Its hard to imagine that nobody has a smart ass comment, or something funny to say.

How does it matter HOW she is? She's being paid insane amounts of money to stand there, wear colorful sarees and wait for celebrities to ask "eppadi irukeenga?" to a bunch of excited callers.

The worst are those callers who get TERRIBLY Excited and go

"Ayyo, enakku peche varale. Oru holf hawar a try pannittu irukken. onga kooda pesaradhula remba sandosama irukku. IRUNGA..."

and then some 8 people in their house hold go "Hi eppadi irukeenga?"
"onga padangal (if there's a celebrity around) ellam naanga romba VIRUMBI paapom".

With all due respect..i cannot stand that show or pepsi uma (or aachi uma).I do like the songs though...

RS said...

kamal - See, you are beginning to "dig" this programme ;)

rt - :)

prabhu - sigh...I was hoping not.

RB - Good idea!

fsn 2.0 - lol, when you put it this way, it is funny, bordering on ridiculous...I guess I just like the programme, dont know why :)

Manoj said...

oh my god. Did you do anything to the picture?

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